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Path to Health: My Story


I am so thankful to The Most High for showing us wonderful ways to stay healthy. Ever since God has been in my life I have been on a path of healing on a holistic level I never knew existed. I went from smoking, drinking and partying, to vegetarian, herbalist, naturalistic, spirit led living.

Past to Present Health


When Mr. P and I met, he introduced me to another level of healthy living that I wasn’t aware of: herbal medicines, raw diet and natural birthing, etc.  I then began eliminating GMO, processed foods and other harmful things in my diet and began taking herbs to supplement and heal, by God’s grace. For example, my whole life my cycle was irregular, so I started taking Royal Jelly and Wild Yam to help balance my hormones. I think this also helped my fertility! Soon after Mr. P and I got married, we conceived without any trouble, praise the Lord!

For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church. Ephesians 5:29

My Path of health through pregnancy

Pregnancy began another level of awareness of my body. Sadly the detox didn’t continue in my pregnancy, it somewhat slowed and maybe went back a few steps. Because of morning sickness and the constant nausea, I basically gave in to whatever, AnYTHinG my body would not barf back up! Obviously I kept it kosher, I think I did have red meat once or twice, and chicken here and there. Good thing I could count it on one hand how many times that happened! But I did eat fast food…eeek!!!! Taco bell potato tacos for some reason were the only thing that would stay down long enough for me to catch my breath during the first trimester.

Second and thrid trimester went a looooot smoother as far as nausea goes. What really motivated and sped up my detox and healing was Jasmin’s birth and her little delicate body. I wish I knew then what I know now. If I had known that everything I ate would affect her little body, I totally would’ve changed my diet before she came into the world and started breastfeeding. Instead I was eating everything that gave me gas: beans, dairy, eggs, cauliflower, cruciferous veggies, and who knows what else. Bread was the biggest factor for Jasmin’s colic and anything else gluten for that matter. If your baby has colic this is the number one item, after dairy, to take out of your diet! Anything white actually! Flour, dairy and sugar! Baby’s little body cannot handle this in our milk. Remember that it is only temporary, once baby weans you can go back to your usual food intake. Though I will say, it has been a blessing. I feel way healthier without these “foods” in my body. So maybe I will stick to this in the long run.

I went Raw Vegan for 3 months!!!

Because of Jasmin’s constant crying and our constant lack of sleep, I knew I had to make a change, and fast! Cold turkey and without hesitation, I went raw! Yes I managed to go raw for about 3 months, praise the Lord. This way I was able to take out everything and give Jasmin peace. Praise the Lord it worked! Jasmin began sleeping through the night, waking only to nurse. She was much more at peace going potty, playing, and hanging out. Then slowly I started adding some cooked foods, like steamed veggies, rice, potatoes and yucca, veggie soups, etc. and Jasmin was fine. As soon as I would slip and eat something wrong, Jasmin would have a tough day and I would fill myself with ginger, fennel and other things to help our systems get going again :/

Currently I’m eating some fish now and then and some cooked foods now and then, but mostly we eat raw. Smoothies, salads, chia pudding, etc. this is the best for breast lol! In addition, to healing through our diet we have slowly detox our home, added essential oils to our lifestyle, herbal supplements, and most importantly CLING TO GOD! I will post more about these next time as this one has gotten a little long! 🙂

Many blessings!
Jenny P.

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  1. July 23, 2013    

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey to health over at WholeHearted Wednesdays.

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      July 23, 2013    

      I’m so grateful to be able to share! God bless 🙂

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