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Praise The Most High you have found Our site!

Why Heavenly Treasure?

Our blog was inspired by the Work The Most High has been doing in Our lives. From changing me, Jenny, from atheist to believer. To uniting us, the Pena family, and blessing us with three children… all whom were born with safe, short unassisted homebirths!!!

So of course we are being led in Spirit and in Truth to share Our real life experiences with those who seek and find. Who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

We are happy to be of service and make ourselves available foryou!

  • to help your marriage and family
  • bible study, faith, and prayer
  • plan and prepare for a pregnancy and birth
  • healthy lifestyle tips and recipes
  • essential oils education
  • web page creation and support
  • business tips

Meet the Creators

Jenny Pena

is a woman of Faith, wife, and mother of 3 beautiful children. Inspired to share the transformations The Most High has made in her life, Heavenly Treasure blog was born. She is also a lover of all things birth, a doula and aspiring Midwife, essential oil educator for Young Living, and blogger and well, follow along to see it all!

Married to health nut, herbalism and veggie eating, Biology Teacher. The love of her life who has been the catalyst for the growth of Heavenly Treasure, living in travel mode, and sharing blessings along the way! He is the one behind the recipes, health wisdom, the reason for the essential oil obsession and even the genius behind choosing home births. (He prefers to remain behind the scenes…!)

3 Birth  Stories

Prenatal Care

My Testimony Part 1

Nicole Varela

is a mom to two boys, wife and momtrepeneur. Just starting her blogging and essential oil journey. Nicole is a dog lover, homemaker, and living testimony of the miracles of God’s power! More blessings and stories to come from Nicole!

Baby Jose Birth Story

more posts by Nicole

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It is our pleasure to receive anything you would like to contribute as a guest post as well, to God be the glory.

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