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Sickness, medicine and alternatives!


What happens to sickness when you take medicine? …Why is your body sick?

Our society has taught us to stop the symptoms of sickness, to suppress the body’s systems when they do not feel good. Why do we get sick, though? Is something wrong with the body?


Your body is doing exactly what God made it to do. If your body is experiencing symptoms of sickness, then it is most likely a good thing, a sign of health! There is something your body has been exposed to and, praise God, He made your body in a way that it could simply clean itself out!

Now, I’m not a doctor, but I would like to share some alternatives to medicine that have worked with my family. It has been my goal to find a safe way for my children to be healthy. To find that health, though, I had to find a new way of thinking. Instead of thinking, How do I get rid of this sickness and fast!?, I want to encourage you to SEARCH…Ask. What is causing my body to do this & how can I promote health in my body and the bodies of others? (Because, if you get rid of the cause of the symptoms, finish removing the cause of sickness from your body, then your body won’t need to repeatedly try to fight it off with chronic illness. It will only be when you come in contact with a new cause, that your body will be in need of sickness/cleaning…More on this later.)


God. Do you read His word? Do you know what He intended for you to eat and drink? Do you know how he intended for you to live? Open up your Bible with the prayer to Him that He will teach you what you need to know about life and healing.

Nutrition. Are you eating for that full feeling in your body OR are you eating to feed your body? Feeding your body is very important. Instead of focusing on counting calories and eating low sodium/low fat diets, learn to read the ingredient label and nutrition chart. Does your “food” have any FOOD in it? You might think that what you are eating is healthy and be shocked to discover it is a poison. (I know I was. It was a very hard lesson to grasp. Is what people call food, sell as food, and feed as food, FOOD??) Is your “food” so over-processed that the nutrients are dead and replaced by man-made substances that are in actuality poisonous? Has your food been raised cruelly/inhumanely? Were there genetic modifications made? Growth hormones given? Antibiotics and other medicines? Was that cow fed to promote health or to promote large size? Etc. RESEARCH! (I do not recommend that you read any blog, or anything for that matter, and just accept it as fact. Ask questions. Look into learning about what I’m talking about. Most importantly, use spiritual discernment.)

Hygiene/Beauty Products. Are they making your body clean or poisoning you? Pure aloe vera. Un-adulterated plant essences. Baking soda. Shea butter. Coconut, olive, grapeseed oils. The stuff you put in your hair and on your skin, feed into you. Your body absorbs it. Is it something you would put in your mouth and swallow, knowing that no harm would come to you? If not, then don’t rub it all over yourself!

Water. Do you know what is in your water? What are you drinking? What are you washing and swimming in? What are you doing your dishes and laundering your fabrics with? Are there toxic chemicals in your water that are making you sick? (I would rather drink water full of natural, harmful microorganisms, than drink toxic, man-made chemicals that are intended to make our water “safe.”)

Essential oils. Mentioned all throughout the Bible. Do you know what they are? Do you know which ones are pure? Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Melaleuca, etc. These precious plant essences have become incorporated into our daily lives at my house. In history, they were regarded as more precious than gold. Why?

We have a God-given ability to heal! Our bodies are amazingly, complex, in most ways, still a mystery. Yes, we have fancy diagnostic tests that can make images of what is inside of the body and, for the most part, there is a general understanding in how it functions. However, there is still too much unknown, especially in regards to how man-made medicine works within it.

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord James 5:14

What is that medicine doing to your body?

The symptoms of sickness are happening because the body believes there to be an invader. Auto-immune diseases? I don’t believe in them. My body is not stupid. It wasn’t attacking nothing. It was not attacking me. It was trying to get something bad out of me.

Doctors’ explanation? Well, the cause is still unknown, but we know it’s incurable, happens in flare-ups…You will likely end up needing the organ removed and could possibly end up with cancer there in about ten years…These medicines might be able to help ease the discomfort of your sickness (just be cautious of these known side effects and possible unknown side effects that might be as serious as death).

Could it be something I’m eating? I asked that question to all the doctors I saw, lost count after ten. No, doctor says food has nothing to do with the disease, yet the cause is unknown…

How does my mind work? There is a cause. With a cause, a solution can be found. With that drive, I dove into research. I found healing from what doctors said was impossible to cure. Now, I’m happily married with a child. I never thought I’d live long enough to get married and when I married, I told my husband that I would probably never be healthy enough to get pregnant…God showed me wrong. He had a different plan for my life.

God can bring good from anything and He has certainly brought good into my life from all the sickness. And, I hope part of that good, is helping someone else finding healing!

Dana Pulak


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and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Rev. 22:2

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