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Passover Celebrations!

We love to celebrate the biblical feasts, especially Passover! It really feels like we are communing with the Heavenlies!



Enjoy your Passover celebrations!

The Most High has taken us out of the world Spiritually.He has shown us His way and it is lovely and real and filled with Truth.

This is why we are in Joy celebrating His feasts as He has marked them for us to follow forever. We cannot keep them as they were first given, but we can surely celebrate them in remembrance of Christ Yashaya (my Saviour).

We have been moving around the world and have left behind our fellowship, our Gathering, they are with us in Spirit and through social media, haha, as we celebrate this feast with our immediate family!

Remember and celebrate the Holy Days!

May you be blessed during these Holy Days. Remember the Passover, the feast of unleavened bread, looking to counting towards Penetecost. May your Sabbaths be restful! Remember the love towards us to celebrate the Passover with joy and repentance indeed!

If you are like us and without a big Gathering or even completely alone, remember the Heavenlies. Keep in your mind and heart that they too are in celebration during these times. Keep The Most High and Rawach in your mind and Spirit and you will be filled. Have hope for the time will come when you will have fellowship with other brethren and the joy will be greater!

We are praying for you all to have blessed and uplifting Holy Days!

(for more info visit GatheringofChrist.org)



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