where your treasure is, there will your heart be also

“Made perfect in One”

Oneness in a Godly home. What does that mean?
Has God instructed us about Oneness?
He has told us to be One with Him, One with our spouse…That we may be One family under His wings. new_mark_10-8
This is oneness in parenting as well. To be One with our children, this is where it begins. teaching them about Oneness. Our awareness of their needs. Being fully present to their needs. Communicating with them, being involved. Even as infants they’re communicating to us, and if we are not One, we will miss their language.
God has taught us to be there for them. and now the society is telling us that we are “spoiling” our children by co-sleeping or not letting them cry. perfect-in-one
As God is ever present to us, so we should be ever present for our children. In the first few years of their infancy, we are representing God to them. Until they are old enough to seek Him themselves, we will be the ones to show them God’s faithfulness, His love, and grace as well as His discipline and guidance. This is why Jasmin sleeps with us, why I don’t let her cry if I can help it, why we communicate about elimination, why I wear her. When we learn to Love we grow in Oneness, it is love, compassion, selflessness.  We are One.
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