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Our First Family Vacation to Costa Rica! The End and the Beginning :)

Part 1 Here…

So our last day we were already looking forward to coming home. We hadn’t planned on having an extra day so we decided to keep it uneventful. Rest. Soak in all this new perspective .

Mall In Alajuela

Mall In Alajuela


We decided to take a walk. The house keeping lady told us there was a mall close by and if we kept walking we could make it to downtown Alajuelo. So we walked to the mall, which was closed because it was so early. Jasmin’s clock was running with the sun over there so we were up by 5ish and made our way to the mall around 9am! It was so hot we decided to walk back. And if a taxi just so happened to passy by then maybe we’ll go somewhere. Well we made it back to the hotel where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

By lunchtime we decided to ask how for downtown Alajuela by taxi would be and if they could recommend some good restaurant. The driver dropped us off by a street with a couple restaurants. We walked around checking out menus and finally chose a tex-mex place. It was empty and quiet and the servers were nice. One of them even offered to hold Jasmin so I could eat 🙂

We walked around some more. There was a plaza with a nice looking Church. At least we could admire some artwork and take a break.  We walked some more. And found an indoor mercado, farmer’s market style. We so wish we could’ve found this place earlier. We bought about 3 bags of fruit for less than $10! And it was sooo yummy!image

Later that night my friend, who I was trying to visit since we got there, finally was able to come see us! We almost made the whole trip without getting to see her once. Thank you Anna for taking time so late at night to visit! And what do you know, she’s seeking God’s work just like us, with a similar vision! This was another answer to prayer! Even though it takes much preparation, time and hard work on our part, the Work will get done. His gospel Will be spread throughout the whole world.

Anna and Jasmin :)

Anna and Jasmin 🙂

We definitely hear and feel His calling to do as Christ did and Heal others the way He has healed us. Filled with love and His Oneness (see John 17) we will do the good work, and teach this to our children. To not only KNOW but DO. Seek and you will find. Although we still have many questions, this trip has helped answer many of them. The perspective He gave us is to BE where we are. Seems pretty obvious. It’s good to dream, but not to live on that cloud and forget there’s work to be done where you are currently standing. We are in Miami, so let us BE in Miami, prepare and DO, for God’s glory!

May His will be done!

Returning Flight

Returning Flightimage


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