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Cloth diapering, diaper free, panty wearing toddler

Jasmin on the potty

Jasmin on the potty


Alternatives to conventional diapering for this family:

Before baby Jas was born in October 2012, we thank our Father in Heaven to have been introduced to many alternatives to parenting, from pregnancy and birth to infancy and toddlerhood.

One of these alternatives was diapering our fresh new baby. We experienced many weird looks and unnecessary comments from people who didn’t understand the modern way of cloth diapering.

Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers now a days are pretty much more advanced than they used to be. Some people still imagine a piece of cloth you fold and pin with clothespins. This can still be done and is absolutely functional, don’t get me wrong, but the new and improved systems are not only cuter but more functional to parents on the go!

This is what we chose to use with Jas, though we also did something that made people look at us even more weird!

Diaper free/elimination communication

Diaper free, also known as elimination communication, was pretty interesting to go through. I read a book on it before we Jas was born and had a little trouble getting started at first, but once we got it going it was funny, a little bit of work, and very fulfilling.

We diapered Jas on outings and at people’s homes. In our own home we did not diaper her. Yes she had many accidents and lots of cleaning, isn’t there cleaning with diapers too? When she wasn’t very mobile yet we kept a pad under her in case of accidents. After a couple of weeks I realized she peed as soon as she woke up and while she nursed. Bowel movements were easy to tell because of the pushing or grunting.

Diaper rashes were very minimal and she only got them a handful of times. These she got from when she wore diapers the whole day. After a couple days of diaper free and minimal cloth diapering, the rash would disappear, as well as with the help of essential oils and coconut oil.

Toddler transition to panty-wearing

Towards our last weeks in the States, the weeks between her second birthday and when we left a month later, I made it a point to get her out of diapers completely.
She was already getting good at telling me when she needed to go, especially BM, and when she wasn’t wearing a diaper she was wearing bloomers. The turning point was in myself. I decided to buy her big girl panties and make it a point in myself to offer her to pee whenever I could remember, even if she didn’t seem to need to. I also made sure she understood that her panties were not diapers and she had to let me know so she wouldn’t have as many accidents.

At last she wouldn’t have any accidents and even wake up at night to let me know she needed her potty! When we arrived in our new home upon leaving the States Jas was letting us know when she needed to go all the time. She did have some regressions upon our arrival as she was getting situated in her new home for the first months.

Advantages and resources:

  • reducing amount of waste created by conventional diapers
  • saving money
  • more sensitive to child’s needs creating a sweeter bond
  • less diaper rash
  • easier transition to “potty training”
  • child has more awareness of their body functions
  • Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer 

  • diaperfreebaby.org

  • Cloth Diapering 101
  • I also recommend you look up local playdates and momma groups who can help you get started with these wonderful alternatives.




We praise our Father the Most High Power for presenting these ways of life to us that we can also share with you. Blessings!




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