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Bye Bye Belly Weekly Update



Jas and daddy 🙂

So this past week was a bit busy so I was not able to keep track of him day by day!

Since summer break is over and Rudy has to go back to teaching we were enjoying our last week with him for the summer.

He has been doing very well over all with his healthy eating choices. Which now gives me the opportunity to learn to make healthy yummy meals at home. This is particularly important not that Jasmin is also eating meals and not just nursing all the time.

Another thing we are working on is a fitness/exercise schedule. We’re thinking it may be more motivating to join a group or gym just to get us going. It will mostly be better for Rudy since he gets to go out without worrying about Jas and I! I would also like to be a part of something so thats definitely in my mind too. Though Jas doesn’t seem to mind morning jogs in the stroller. Actually when we go for a walk now she’s asking me to run and wondering why I’m not running!


Well that’s my little update! When there’s anything new I’ll be sure to update his status!


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