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Being vegetarian, again 


Eating vegetarian again!

In 2010 my life was changed drastically, everything I thought to be true, all my ways of life, all my perceptions, completely transformed. I’ve written about it before but for now I want to share one of those transformations, my health. Specifically, being vegetarian.

That year I watched a film called Earthlings. It is the most graphic, gut wrenching, true life documentary showing the treatment of animals for food and clothes. I watched a little more than half the film, in between tears and pausing many times, I decided to become vegetarian.

Thanksgiving week that year, in all its feast was just as delicious with sweet potato casserole, rice and stuffing, plantains and all the yumminess that didn’t contain animal product. It was fantastic. Preparing food from then on was a joy!

I always hated touching raw meats. I despised having to prepare this carcass for my taste bud enjoyment. I would rather have the finished product, not have to think about all that came into having this meal.

Vegetarian foods and all the thought, flavored, choices, intrigued me!

The vegan culture in Miami is booming and there is much to learn and join in on.
I have to thank my husband especially for guiding me the right way. Sadly I first got into all the meat replacement type vegetarianism. If you are doing this, I encourage you to stop the soy and tofu replacing your “protein”.
Plants and so rich and nutrients, nuts, fruits, grains. Nothing needs to replace anything. Just enjoy this Creation-given abundance in its most pure way!

Then I went astray

So after I met my husband he taught me about veganism and raw foods, he showed me awesome herbal supplements, connected me with amazing health food educators online and in person! If you all don’t already know, I love my husband and all his wisdom and knowledge about God, food, and life, is what draws me to him day and and day out. I love this man!
Ok so on with my story…
After we had Jasmin I shared with you all about my journey into raw veganism. Because of her colic, my desperation for her to sleep soundly, not knowing what was the cause, I went raw cold turkey!
I slowly started eating cooked foods again until I began eating fish and then chicken, and then beef…! There were many changes happening in our lives. I began eating salmon when she was one and a half, maybe once or twice a month. Then when we moved to Panama, it was much easier to have a meat-eating diet. We were living on a smaller budget, the nearest grocery with abundance of organics was far and costly, we gave in.

In Panama

We ordered some chia seeds, spirulina for smoothies, and other superfoods we couldn’t live without. We had a high fruit intake as well as smoothies. We have posted some recipes of our favorite foods from Panama for you all as well.

My Diet while Pregnant with Noah

Once again pregnant my diet changed, with Jasmin weaning I was able to eat more breads, cheese, and eggs. Turns out Noah didn’t like my breakfast choices. So it went from chia pudding and smoothies, To eggs and toast! The days I would cheat and have a smoothie I would feel really faint. Til one day I almost fainted in my classroom with my children! That sadly ended me teaching year and my smoothies mornings.


Fast forward to now

Noah has made me a little too easy going on my diet. Unlike Jasmin, Noah is not affected whatsoever by my diet, my milk is satisfying! So I’ve been eating lots of cakes, and fatty foods, uh oh!

Ok but I recently been feeling like I’m taking it too easy. I’m not even keeping a healthy exercise routine anymore, not good!

Time for a change

So here goes me going to back to my favorite way of eating- vegetarian !
So far it has been a little over a week. To help motivate me I watched a video, just a little tedTalk about eating animals. Also I talked to my husband so he can help me out. Surprisingly he is not going to join me all the way but he is gong to help prepare all those yummy foods he knows how to make. Like ‘cheesy’ kale! Mmmmm! Yum! And his smoothies are THE best!
What a better time to choose vegetarianism than now, when we’re coming to Sri Lanka! They really know how to prepare their veggies! So far my favorite is an okra dish this family made us, delicious.

Soon we will share more recipes, a glimpse at my vegetarian days, and more on our travels!
Also I want to say that this is a personal choice, not for ‘religion’ or what have you…ok ,cool!

May the Most High bless you and keep you!


Vegan meal

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