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Baby wearing Journey: from newborn to toddler!

  We have been baby wearing from when Jasmin was just weeks old, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Or maybe we should have started at days instead of weeks after birth! 

Moby wrap war!

Yes, it was a war at first getting the hang of this endless piece of fabric. Getting it to wrap gracefully around our bodies was quite the battle! Sooo thankful for youtube and especially Babywearing groups!

Do not hesitate to seek out those experienced mamas! They know all the tips and tricks to almost any wrap and any tie possible! As for me, no more Moby Wrap, thank you very much. We had our fun with it while it lasted….definitely do no wait a year, like we did, to get a lovely wrap or ring sling. Or even learn those awesome torso bath towel carries!


Babywearing group wonderland!

Seriously, I just wanted an excuse to hangout with grownups! and not speak baby for a significant period of time, and speak with women who understand our sufferings and joys! Ok yea of course I also got to borrow some awesome wraps I could never afford, and get wrapped up like I’ll never be able to learn on my own…so yes go to these playdates!

Also babies get to meet new friends and make long lasting friendships. I have made countless friends and have made a couple of the best sister/friends a girl could love forever!


Sleep Saviour!

If you seriously need help putting baby to sleep you honestly need to get a wrap, carrier, something arms free and easy snuggles! Like right now! Yes it seems a bit frustrating to try and tie up a crying baby to your sweating body, just do it, once they’re asleep (2 minutes later) you will be so happy you did!

Woven wraps and ring slings for the WIN!

So I said no more Moby wrap huh….which means I entered the world of wovens! Ring slings, Mei Teis, Wraps, etc etc. Don’t be scared by all these words. Just ask your closest baby wearing mamas to lend you their wraps, make a date out of it! And see which wrap is best for you.

Facebook has some awesome used wraps for great prices. Sometimes used wraps are much preferable because they are already broken in, which makes for easy wrapping! Get someone to help you find the carriers that fir your budget and style 😉

Enjoy your baby wearing!

oh by the way, my toddler will be 3 Oct. 2015 and I am definitely still enjoying wrapping her up on my back!



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