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Blog posts from pregnancy to life with a toddler, scripture for support, tips and parenting life

Anniversary! Five years married!


Anniversary! Five years married! Our five year anniversary! Marks the first year my phone reminder alerted me to this special day..uh oh! It’s actually a good thing I think. We’ve reached the point where we are so comfortable with each other, so in love and into our family routine, nothing else matters, not even anniversaries! So […]

He saved me from myself


Sister Sarah shares on Our blog once again. Praise the Most High! Sarah shares how Our Father saved her from herself. “He saved me from myself” Pondering on the reckless choices I made as I searched for anything possible to fill my emptiness. I was so willing to risk it all for the wrong people, […]

February, forget Valentine’s Da...

Purim/Panaryam: The True February Holy Day Date: February 21-22 2017 Biblical reference: Esther 9:21 What is it about? During the reign of King Ahasuerus in the Medo-Persian captivity, Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite (the enemy of all the Jews from the seed of Amalek (Est.3))  due to his hatred towards Mordecia, devised a plan […]

Purim Giveaway!!! Win a Purim Prize

purim prize

 Update: congrats to the winners!!!  Win a Purim Prize! Of course you want to win a Purim prize! So here’s some info on the giveaway! Which Prize do you want to win?!? -3rd Prize: Myrrh Resin -2nd Prize: Myrrh Essential oil -1st Prize: Frankincense Essential Oil and resin What to do to enter??? Best way […]

Living abroad since 2014, reminiscing...

living abroad

Blog: Living Abroad since 2014 Shortly after Jasmin flowers second birthday, we made our move out of the States, so here we are, living abroad. We officially became expats November 2014! The journey has been quite the experience! My husband is a teacher so the search began in early 2014 to find a teaching position […]

Scripture and thoughts by Sarah


My Sister in Spirit, Sarah Benel, shares about her personal growth in Spirit and in Truth! Sarah also shares scripture which has helped her learn  to love and obey our Father. Sarah has shared on HeavenlyTreasure blog before, read the birth story she shared here. The Most High’s word has forever changed me within and […]

Scripture of the Day: Daily Bread

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