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Raspberry Lemon Raw Vegan Cheesecake,...

Raw vegan cheesecake

When I ate only raw vegan food after our first baby was born, this raw vegan cheesecake saved my life! It is filling and nutritious. Most importantly for me at the time, it didn’t affect my daughter! Apparently my breastmilk was causing her colic. Once I figured out the culprit foods, I began eating cooked […]

Bible verses for strength during preg...

bible verses

 Update: I first published this post in January 2013, only a couple months postpartum. I’ve since updated to be easier to read and find, and also added an opt-in to receive this page as PDF Printable to thank you for subscribing! Praise The Most High and blessings! Bible Verses to Help break the fear During […]

New HT Blogger Nicole Varela, her int...


Hi my name is Nicole Varela, new Blogger! My sister is Jenny, the creator of HeavenlyTreasure, and she has invited me onto her site to start blogging and talking about my adventures and things that I like to do, and my DIYS. First I am going to introduce myself. About me I’m 21 years old. […]

My 3 Essential Oils Spring Catalog Fa...

Young Living Essential Oils Spring Collection Young Living Essential Oils has brought out their amazing Spring Catalog with great and beautiful products! For me it is enough just to have products I trust to use on my family, but YL has made the sets and products so beautiful! I can’t share all of them so […]

Chocolate Pudding, the healthy avocad...

Chocolate pudding

Avocado Chocolate Pudding easy quick recipe! Honestly, this chocolate pudding is one of my favorite recipes because it’s so easy, takes only a few ingredients, quick and delicious! Only problem is I have to share! Our two little babies love it. My daughter doesn’t particularly like eating avocado when we offer it to her on […]

Spinning Babies workshop with Gail Tu...

Spinning babies workshop

Spinning babies workshop and my breech experiences It’s actually something much different than what it sounds! So far when I tell people I went to a spinning babies workshop people ask me if I’m manually turning a baby (external version ) or imagine me flipping infants in the air! What is Spinning Babies? Checkout The Spinning […]

Scripture of the Day: Daily Bread

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