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Sri Lanka beaches and driving 


Sri Lanka beaches and driving We continue sharing about our Sri Lanka travels. Next we tell about our journey through the Sri Lanka beaches! Beaches are absolutely beautiful! We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful island! Driving on the other hand, well, it had its beautiful moments…. My husband was in […]

Home made Cream Deodarant


DIY Deodarant   Deodarant has been one of those tricky things to make. Finding a good recipe that works for our own unique bodies can be quite frustrating. There are many recipes and products out there so it is definitely worth it. Here’s our own home made cream deodarant! My Husbands influence Upon meeting my […]

Sri Lanka, Negombo, our first stop

sri lanka negombo travels

Sri Lanka Negombo Travels Yes! We get to travel– our most favorite thing! First stop in Sri Lanka- Negombo! One of the benefits of working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi, the travel benefits. The teacher contracts includes flight allowance to return home for the summer break. My husband decided it will be easier in our […]

Family Travel Sri Lanka, flying and p...

family travel sri lanka

Family Travel Sri Lanka We have tons to tell about our family travel through Sri Lanka this summer! It was a great experience we can’t wait to tell you all about it. We visited many cities through Sri Lanka so we’re going to break it up into a couple of different posts. Flying with small […]

Meditating on Psalm 105

psalm 105

Psalm 105 Meditation Psalm 105 is about giving thanks, about talking of His wondrous works. My husband and I have moments where we both read scripture, a verse, a passage a story, or simply hear a song that hits us with such Power, such Spiritual enlightenment at the same time. Of all things I am […]

Being vegetarian, again 


Eating vegetarian again! In 2010 my life was changed drastically, everything I thought to be true, all my ways of life, all my perceptions, completely transformed. I’ve written about it before but for now I want to share one of those transformations, my health. Specifically, being vegetarian. That year I watched a film called Earthlings. […]

Home made sunscreen 


Checkout our sunscreen cream! Summer sun calls for some amazing outdoor fun but we got to make sure to keep everyone’s skin safe. If you’ve been keeping up with us for a bit, you’ll know that we’re living in the middle of the desert near Abu Dhabi, where the sun is scorching hot! Well thankfully […]

A Tooth for the Truth

healing tooth naturally

Healing Jasmin’s Tooth Naturally Somehow we realized that Jasmin had a bad molar – Not really sure where it came from – maybe what they call bottle rot – or night time milk rotting back teeth while sleeping – who knows – but when we first noticed it – I really wasn’t sure what to […]

Myrtle Essential Oil 

myrtle essential oil

 Myrtle Essential Oil has an elevating aroma that is pleasing when diffused. It also has properties that can help beautify and enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin when applied topically. (YoungLiving.com) Myrtle Essential Oil I first learned about Myrtle Essential Oil after reading about it in the book Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. […]

Hear and follow the Most High Voice

Psalm 106

  How do we hear the Most High voice apart from all other thoughts and things in our mind? How do we know what choice to make if we make His will to be our path? First things first is scripture – we have to get familiar with the Most High’s voice in scripture so we […]

Meditation: My Peace Anchor


Special guest post today from Expectful ! Sharing the joys of maternity and all the support we need through it! Meditation: My Peace Anchor When the second faint line appeared on the pregnancy test, I thought I was seeing things. I brought it over to my husband and said, “Is it just me or do you […]

Pentecost, First Fruits/Feast of Week...


Celebrating Pentecost Pentecost or First fruits or also Feast of Weeks  is coming up! Not exactly sure how we will be celebrating! A private family feast, scripture reading, anointing and prayer sounds perfectly lovely. Grateful for Christ sacrifice! We can celebrate without having to sacrifice animals like back then, yikes! Instead we get to rejoice […]

Gluten Free Vegan Dairy Free Brick Ho...

Bread recipe

This one is By my husband, Mr. Pena This is a great piece of daily bread. Extremely nutritious and filling. Quite yummy and oh so healthy. I found a template for this gluten free recipe online and modified it to my liking. It works great, tastes delicious, and really fills me up. I can just […]

Crochet therapy, fun hobby!


Crochet has been such a fun new hobby, it’s my new therapy. To recover from motherhood and my essential oil obsession, now I get to make thing for my babies and my oils!!! Ravelry my new favorite crochet website Thank you my friend for recommending Ravelry.com, and my friend who got me to go to […]

Toddler snack: rice and roasted seawe...


Ohhh the trouble of getting a toddler to eat something, ANYTHING remotely healthy! In this case she found her own solution: Yep, Rice and Roasted Seaweed for the WIN! I was probably in the middle of making our dinner. Full of foods she would not eat, our delicious dinner including, apparently, components that she would […]

Bible verses for parenting help! 

bible verses

Bible verses to keep me whole, sane and joyful I don’t have it all together. We have tons of moments of happiness and joy, mixed with tons of moments of impatience and learning. For all moments, good and bad, I have to turn to our Father Almighty. Scripture for those parenting moments are what keeps […]

Noah is 6 months!

Noah collage

Noah, means rest or comfort in Hebrew. As soon as Noah was born he let out a little cry, then went right to sleep. He definitely knows how to REST! I do get to rest with him too, as much as a mama of two can of course. These past 6 months with Noah and […]

Working and Traveling Joy Jobs Abu Dh...

Abu Dhabi

Joy Jobs Abu Dhabi Oh man oh man – what are you doing? Where are you going? Are you crazy? Think of your family! Blah blah like I’m not! Duhhh! Well, some people like to stay put in the same city same place their whole existence. And they are indeed fooling themselves because there is […]

Essential Oils Diffuser options


 Which Essential Oil Diffuser is right for you? There are an array of diffusers available costing a few bucks all the way to a thousand! Why would anyone spend that much money to make room smell nice!? Well I’m going to tell you that it has to do a lot more than the nice smell! […]

Jasmin 3 and a half years old big sis...

Big sister

It has been quite a ride so far in this little 3 year olds life, especially as a big sister! Big Sister’s Birth Day gift was a baby brother! Turns out baby brother’s “due” date was Jasmin’s birth day! But thankfully for all of us it turns out he was born at 38 weeks on […]

Scripture of the Day: Daily Bread

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