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Osipkemhi Zoe’s Birth Story by ...


My beautiful friend shares Zoe’s birth story on Our blog! Osipkemhi Zoe was born 16/6/16, one day short of my birthday 17/6/16. Originally, his due date was on my birthday, and I looked forward to sharing a birthday with our second child. However, it wasn’t to be. He came at the perfect time God wanted […]

Jasmin flower blooming, fourth birthd...


Fourth birthday !!! This little flower of mine! I cannot believe this much time has passed since we found out we were going to be parents. And now it’s her fourth birthday! She made her power known in her amazing birth story, I was going along for the ride! Jasmin was born fast, painful but uncomplicated. […]

Share Your Birth Story on Our blog


Share Your Birth Story ! Share Your Birth Story, it truly helps other women who are on this journey in their lives! Every pregnancy and birth is so unique, sharing never gets old. I love reading birth stories, the tough ones, surprising ones, cesarean births, scary ones, all shapes and sizes! How to share? It […]

Last part of our Sri Lanka travels


Our family Sri Lanka travels end Our Sri Lanka travels end, how sad and what a relief also. saved the best for last…. Elephants! The highlights of our trip through Sri Lanka was definitely getting to see and pet elephants! Two spots we were able to see them were Uda Walawe and Pinnawala. There a […]

Nurture Project International: help t...


We’re sharing about Nurture Project International as it has been recently brought to my attention. Please share this post, visit their site, spread the word, and help in any way shape or form!!!  Nurture Project International: help the most vulnerable! Nurture Project International is a US based, grassroots, nonprofit that provides relief to communities affected […]

 Noah’s First Birth Day

first birth day

Noah’s First Birth Day October fifth last year I gave birth to Our sweet little boy Noah! That’s right, it’s Noah’s first Birth day. A day we celebrate that he was born into this world. We celebrate it with everyone in spirit. We are not near our family and friends but we feel your love […]

Feast of Tabernacles, eight day Feast


The Feast of Tabernacles is special to us because it was one of the first feasts we got to partake with other believers. It was incredible experience to be a part of a gathering who loves the Most High and truly seeking Him. Everyone was so welcoming! We are happy to be a part of this […]

Meditating on Hebrews 12:2-4 


Meditating on Hebrews 12:2-4 For some time now I have been meditating on Hebrews 12. This specific scripture keeps coming up in my life, to the point that I decided to memorize it just because that was the easiest way to keep bringing it to my mind clearly! Looking unto Christ Its supposed to be […]

Day of Atonement, Holy Feast

Day of atonement

  The Day of Atonement 26 The Lord said to Moses, 27 “The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. Hold a sacred assembly and deny yourselves,[a] and present a food offering to the Lord. 28 Do not do any work on that day, because it is the Day of Atonement, when atonement is made for you before the Lord your God.  29 Those who […]

Feast of Trumpets 2016, seventh month...

Leviticus 23

  Feast of Trumpets     How has the Feast of Trumpets made a difference in our lives? Being aware and able to partake in the feasts the Most High ordained gives us a deeper awareness and oneness with Our Father. These feasts represent something done in Heaven which we can partake in this earthly […]

Bentonite Clay Mud Mask with Essentia...

young living essential oils

 Bentonite Clay Mud Mask with Essential Oils Sun damage, stress, toxins, etc, have worn on my face! Having a Facialist for a mother makes me really conscious of the condition of my skin. After some tips and motivation I finally made a bentonite clay mud mask with essential oils! After raiding my husbands stash, I […]

Sri Lanka tea country and more


Family Travels through Sri Lanka Tea Country After the beaches we headed to the hills! It was just amazing to feel the contrast between beach life and mountainous weather in only hours. We traveled through Sri Lanka tea country including Ella and Nuwara Eliya, to temple spots of Kandy, Sigirya and Dambulla. Ella was lovely […]

Sri Lanka beaches and driving 


Sri Lanka beaches and driving We continue sharing about our Sri Lanka travels. Next we tell about our journey through the Sri Lanka beaches! Beaches are absolutely beautiful! We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful island! Driving on the other hand, well, it had its beautiful moments…. My husband was in […]

Home made Cream Deodarant


DIY Deodarant   Deodarant has been one of those tricky things to make. Finding a good recipe that works for our own unique bodies can be quite frustrating. There are many recipes and products out there so it is definitely worth it. Here’s our own home made cream deodarant! My Husbands influence Upon meeting my […]

Sri Lanka, Negombo, our first stop

sri lanka negombo travels

Sri Lanka Negombo Travels Yes! We get to travel– our most favorite thing! First stop in Sri Lanka- Negombo! One of the benefits of working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi, the travel benefits. The teacher contracts includes flight allowance to return home for the summer break. My husband decided it will be easier in our […]

Family Travel Sri Lanka, flying and p...

family travel sri lanka

Family Travel Sri Lanka We have tons to tell about our family travel through Sri Lanka this summer! It was a great experience we can’t wait to tell you all about it. We visited many cities through Sri Lanka so we’re going to break it up into a couple of different posts. Flying with small […]

Meditating on Psalm 105

psalm 105

Psalm 105 Meditation Psalm 105 is about giving thanks, about talking of His wondrous works. My husband and I have moments where we both read scripture, a verse, a passage a story, or simply hear a song that hits us with such Power, such Spiritual enlightenment at the same time. Of all things I am […]

Being vegetarian, again 


Eating vegetarian again! In 2010 my life was changed drastically, everything I thought to be true, all my ways of life, all my perceptions, completely transformed. I’ve written about it before but for now I want to share one of those transformations, my health. Specifically, being vegetarian. That year I watched a film called Earthlings. […]

Home made sunscreen 


Checkout our sunscreen cream! Summer sun calls for some amazing outdoor fun but we got to make sure to keep everyone’s skin safe. If you’ve been keeping up with us for a bit, you’ll know that we’re living in the middle of the desert near Abu Dhabi, where the sun is scorching hot! Well thankfully […]

A Tooth for the Truth

healing tooth naturally

Healing Jasmin’s Tooth Naturally Somehow we realized that Jasmin had a bad molar – Not really sure where it came from – maybe what they call bottle rot – or night time milk rotting back teeth while sleeping – who knows – but when we first noticed it – I really wasn’t sure what to […]

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