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Andrews Birth Story by Kathleen Dunca...

The birth story shared by Kathleen is heart wrenching and out of this world. Follow her blog Kathleen B Duncan where she shares her story and encouragement for grieving families. One Last Andrew Story, or Maybe Two by Kathleen Duncan One more Andrew story 23 years ago today…. We stopped at Paty Lumber Company in Bristol, […]

Rebozo, incorporating in pregnancy an...

Rebozo for babywearing is not new to me, I’ve been carrying my babies in a rebozo, ring sling, wraps, since they were born. Jasmin flower is almost 5! Now, Rebozo for pregnancy, birth and postpartum mama, this is still fairly new to me. So I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far on my […]

Dilly’ Birth Story : Guest Post...

birth story

Birth Story by Rosanna from Extraordinary Everyday Mom! This month we will be featuring birth stories from other mamas who have been so generous as to share with the world! Thanks for reading and be sure to click over to her blog. Dilly’s Birth Story This is the birth story of Bernd and Rosanna’s third […]

My Dad, born August 3: my Grandmas Bi...

Dad's birth story

I am honored to retell the memoirs of my grandmother’s journey into motherhood, her birth story of my own fathers’ birth! First I must say, she only gets to share with me the most vivid parts of her story, because, with age comes also picking memory favorites for storage space. To put it nicely! So […]

Share Your Birth Story on Our blog

Share Your Birth Story on Our blog

Share Your Birth Story ! Share Your Birth Story, it truly helps other women who are on this journey in their lives! Every pregnancy and birth is so unique, sharing never gets old. I love reading birth stories, the tough ones, surprising ones, cesarean births, scary ones, all shapes and sizes! How to share? It […]

July in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

july in abu dhabi and dubai

Last year we spent a whole month in Sri Lanka, maybe even more than a month!–Although we enjoyed our time and experience, we were so tired when we got back home, and our savings received a big hit! So we decided this summer on a staycation!!! Here we share with you our July in Abu […]

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