Ancient Oils of Scripture


Ancient Oils of Scripture Series will take you through
3 short videos giving you an understanding of the
wisdom of essential oils throughout the bible as well as modern uses.
Watch the 3-minute welcome video, download your workbook, enjoy! 

Exclusive Resources Just For You!

Ancient Oils of Scripture Workbook

A workbook I created just for you.
Use it to follow along this course and keep notes.
All the info will be here for you to learn from
and keep track of from the videos.

Continue to Parts 2-4 of the Series

ancient oils

Part 2

This part in the series will give you a basic intro into Essential Oils, what they are, how to use them and a few scripture we will use for the rest of the series

Part 3

Now we will go deeper into the uses of essential oils, why quality is important and a few more biblical stories. Remember to follow along the workbook.

Part 4

Modern uses are just as important as learning the biblical uses. After this series you will feel more comfortable using your oils on a daily basis.