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Toddler snack: rice and roasted seaweed

Ohhh the trouble of getting a toddler to eat something, ANYTHING remotely healthy!

In this case she found her own solution:

Yep, Rice and Roasted Seaweed for the WIN!

I was probably in the middle of making our dinner. Full of foods she would not eat, our delicious dinner including, apparently, components that she would eat together.

She likes roasted seaweed as a snack. And plain rice is always yummy. So why not try the two together?!

Adjusting for foods abroad

Living abroad has made us quite flexible in the foods we eat. Especially since I’ve been nursing, pregnant, and now nursing again the whole time since we’ve left the States, I’ve had to really make sure I’m getting proper nutrition. Feeding myself and our little family has been a bit tricky. I’ve got my fair share of picky eaters, countries with not so much in the organic variety, and a budget.

So this little  treat Jas made herself was quite pleasing. Something we can easily find in our town, she finds it tasty, and also fun to eat!

roasted seaweed
Rice snack

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