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Hear and follow the Most High Voice


  How do we hear the Most High voice apart from all other thoughts and things in our mind?

How do we know what choice to make if we make His will to be our path?
First things first is scripture – we have to get familiar with the Most High’s voice in scripture so we can know who He is and how he speaks as well as His righteousness, truth, loving kindness, and judgements.
Throughout my experience learning the statutes, laws and commandments what I have noticed is how He speaks to me. Not necessarily through a voice or thoughts. Even though sometimes I do have thoughts where I feel it is his light leading me, but mostly through prayer.

Not an audible voice that I hear through prayer.

But only after praying fervently, wholeheartedly , and truthfully do I then begin to see the answer to my prayers in my life. Through this experience He shows me that He is speaking to me – communicating to me through this way.
This is how I have begun to understand how the Most High works in my life. He answers my prayers. Not every prayer of course. But when He does answer my prayer I know it is Him. It is an experience that I feel deeply connected through my prayer . He shows me how he works and what He does for me.

In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; Ephesians 1:7

He shows me were and how to look for the answer to my prayer.


Sometimes I can notice it while it is happening. And sometimes it takes me some time after the fact to realize what He has done. Just more reason to be thankful for all things He does, seen or unseen.
And when He does not answer me – I ask myself – what is He showing me? Is He asking me to wait ? or is He telling me NO Try Something Else –
An example of using his name is when I rebuke an evil person or a situation – many times things change rapidly before my eyes –the most high

A real life example is when I transitioned jobs.

Living in Panama for almost a year (joy Jobs link) things started looking bleak. Time for a change and other issues to concern myself with. I had been praying for an answer and a new way. As I went to work things were going normally that day. Then an administrator that will go unnamed came in to my room and was very upset scolding me and reprimanding me in a very unprofessional tone. After this incident I really did not want to continue this position.

Being in a rural environment our internet had been cut off for a few days plus. The next morning the internet was up and I checked my email and I had a great job opportunity waiting for me with great benefits and salary. Couldn’t ask for more. I accepted the position and handed in my resignation.

In the end all things work out perfect

We got some time to rest and relax and have our new baby boy, in the place we wanted to have it. And we all got to leave together as a family for the new position.
Sometimes too much planning can stifle our ability to allow the Holy Spirit to work as well as preventing ourselves from being able to see what the Most High is bringing forth. We must keep our eyes open – for those who have eyes let them see – for those who have ears let them hear -Mark 4:23

It is only through his wisdom that I can discern these things. But the key is that I do feel and see the fruits of my prayers and I do thank Him for all he gives me as well as all that He keeps from me.
This also goes hand in hand with the power of His Holy Name – How to use it – When to use it – To love and respect it – never to use it in vain –


Ecclesiastes 12:13

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.




Joy Jobs This the affiliate link to the website who got us this great opportunity that launched our journey into teaching abroad!



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