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Sri Lanka, Negombo, our first stop

sri lanka negombo travels

Sri Lanka Negombo Travels

Yes! We get to travel– our most favorite thing! First stop in Sri Lanka- Negombo!

One of the benefits of working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi, the travel benefits. The teacher contracts includes flight allowance to return home for the summer break. My husband decided it will be easier in our family to travel somewhere nearby and cheap with nice weather. One of our excuses for leaving is the horrible heat in UAE right now, desert heat don’t play!

After taking to fellow teacher travelers, he decided Sri Lanka. He booked it before I was fully convinced this was the best place. And he actually did most of the planning too! I just helped bounce ideas around and agree or disagree to certain places or stops. So here we are!

Four days in Negombo

The flight was fairly easy, even though it was delayed, the wait wasn’t too bad. The children behaved, there were snacks and coffee! We got to chat with other expats traveling to Sri Lanka as well. Taking the wrap baby carrier AND an umbrella stroller was the best idea with two kiddos.

Jasmin and Noah slept most of the 4 hour flight and my husband and I were able to nod off for a bit.  Food and drinks were served. Jasmin brought a little baby roller suitcase filled with some entertainment that came in handy.

Of course essential oils were rubbed over all of us before takeoff! Peppermint for me and lavender for the kiddos.

Upon arrival

We were so grateful the flight went well, no tears, no mishaps! Someone from the home stay we booked was there to give us a ride. We got a SIM card for the phone easy enough. The ride was interesting as we’re not used to seeing the steering wheel on the right side and driving in the left lane! The ride was short and pleasant, seeing all the tuk tuks was exciting!

Manik Homestay

Our Homestay in Sri Lanka Negombo was such a pleasant surprise. The best part was our hostesses daughter Thenu! Jasmins playmate for the next four days! It was so great for her to have someone her age to play with plus the care of our host family. Everyone was so attentive, the food they prepared was delicious! They talked to us about their life, their culture and experiences. It was a much more intimate experience than at a hotel.

All we did was rest! Our room was surrounded by garden, nature, green- such a contrast from our 8 month desert life! The beach was a couple minutes walk away. The waves were too strong to go swimming but peaceful to sit and enjoy the sounds of the ocean, or enjoy the sunset.

We walked up and down the main road where shops and restaurants were aplenty. The food was great, super cheap but yes, spicy. Since they are getting more and more tourists many places asked if we wanted spicy or made sure to let us know it was spicy or not. They were happy to prepare special meals for our picky needs, toddler, gluten free, vegetarian, super easy!  It cannot be said enough, the people of Sri Lanka are sooooo kind!
 sri lanka food  

The kiddos

Oh yea Jasmin and Noah are baby stars here. People want to take pictures, hold the baby, squeeze their cheeks, stare, smile, wave, just soo much attention. I now expect for them to have zero personal space here! At least my husband and I can still claim our bubbles!

Thank you Negombo!

Negombo tips

  • Lewis Place has many eating options little stores, etc.
  • We went in July which is offseason for bathing in the beach
  • It’s very hot so yes AC when traveling with children
  • People speak enough English to ask for things maybe not on the menu for the little ones, like peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or simply a boiled egg.

Hope to tell you more about our travels as we make our way south then up into the country before heading east.

Blessings in your life and travels!

sri lanka travel

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