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Happy 6 Months Jasmin: Sleep and Nursing

Thought I should share some things about Jasmin. We’ve done some things differently than what people are accustomed to so here are a few most popular of them. Some will call it conscious parenting or attachment parenting, among others, I’d like to call it Godly, loving, nurturing parenting ๐Ÿ™‚

After writing this I realize it got quite lengthy. So I’m going to put it up by parts. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


This is the most common question we get:

How is she sleeping?

Well, we are all sleeping very well thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
At first Jasmin and I were having a tough time :/ I cried a lot the first month! Lack of sleep, drained energy, and a little human that needs ALL of me, was really waring me down. Thankfully God showed us and gave me the strength to change my diet to prevent her colic. Within a few weeks Jasmin started sleeping through the night. Only half-waking to nurse and pee and rolled back to bed.

Sweet dreams baby Jasmin

Sweet dreams baby Jasmin

She sleeps with you?

Indeed, Jasmin, Mr. P and I share ย the same bed. We do not own a crib. At first Jasmin slept only on top of me. I was very worn out and did not get good sleep during that time. Now she falls asleep sucking her thumb or nursing, and much prefers the bed than mommies bony body! She kicks me when she wants to nurse if I don’t hear her sucking her thumb in time. She usually sleeps from 10ishPM to 9ishAM and takes naps throughout the day ever 2-3 hours. So everyone gets to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

weeks old Jasmin sleeping on mommy

Weeks old Jasmin sleeping on mommy


Breast is best!

Jasmin is still 100% breast feeding! Within 5 minutes of being born she was already nursing. We have only recently started letting her taste certain of our smoothies, banana and papaya and some cantaloupe. But she hasn’t replaced any of her feedings yet. ย At first it would sting a little when she would latch on, but thanks to Sheila our midwife and La Leche League we’ve gotten the hang of it. They helped me with positioning her properly, engorging issues and fast let down. Those were the biggies. Also, I’ve only ever used coconut oil on my body since her birth, maybe some almond oil too.Nursing Jasmin

The biggest problem was realizing that what I ate really affected her too. When I found that out Mr. P and I went on 100% raw food for like 2 months! Little by little we introduced cooked foods again, and still almost no gluten intake at all! She can’t handle gluten, actually most babies can’t. that’s the first thing I suggest if you’re breast feeding is ELIMINATE GLUTEN and GMO! Indeed.

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