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Jasmin 3 and a half years old big sister

Big sister

It has been quite a ride so far in this little 3 year olds life, especially as a big sister!

Big Sister’s Birth Day gift was a baby brother!

Turns out baby brother’s “due” date was Jasmin’s birth day! But thankfully for all of us it turns out he was born at 38 weeks on October 5th.

Jasmin loves her baby brother and is such a good helper. Every morning her first question upon waking up is “mommy is Noah awake”? actually she says it in Spanish “mami Noah esta despierto?”

This blossoming three year old loves having conversation, which is great! Except when I’m in the middle of conversing with adults, or when I’m having Me time (yea that barely exists!) It is so funny sometimes listening to her, I do often engage her conversation just to get to hear all the cute and silly things she says!

oh but there is the threenager in her!

Saying no when it’s not an option, repeating mommy countless annoying times, tantrums in public places, being completely MEAN to me, smacking her baby brother because she’s mad at him, not wanting to clean up her mess….yes these and more and why I’m soooo in love with her! hahaaha yes these are happy tears…no really?!?!?!? these are why I really need some essential oils..*inhales Stress Away*

So now that she is 3 and a half I get to see her absorb all this information like a sponge. She can speak and mostly understand 2 languages. Spanglish is her first language thats for sure! Helping with chores, especially if it involves the baby are definitely on her priority list. Exploring new foods is great fun too, though figuring out what food she wanted that’s “on a stick with a circle” can sometimes be tricky…(lamb chop!)

She has “best friends”!

Yep little friends she sees almost everyday she gets to enjoy toddler world with. A world that mommas really cannot partake in all the time. I’m so grateful for her friends! Going to the playground, the beach, and restaurants are but a few hangout spots we get to meet up at with our friends.

Well, there you have it, a little peek into our life with a 3 year old big sister!

    Big sister at 3Celebrating at Parriot Jungle with Daddy

Big sisterParrot junGle island


Big sister



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