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Scripture Songs: Psalm 61:1-4 Song “Hear My Cry, O God”

Psalm 61:1-4 Song “Hear My Cry, O God” (Esther Mui) Christian Scripture Praise Worship w Lyrics

Great way to memorize scripture

A few years back I felt the need to remember Our Father’s Words given to us in scripture. It was just so difficult to sit and memorize scripture and also the meaning and feeling as well.

So my husband started a search, and when he searches boy does he really dig until he finds what he wants! Thank goodness for this skill of his because he found these scripture songs which have truly helped us.

NKJV and power of Music!

I do prefer to read the KJV but we cant always get what we prefer right? Everyone has there own taste in music so this post is not to sell you on why you MUST listen to this or whatever. Mostly I just wish to share some nice Christian music where all the lyrics are scripture.

Throughout my day I find myself humming or “singing” these songs. The power of the words, the prayers and the love just help me get through my day. Crying baby and tantrum 3 year old is not easy!

Whether by the use of instruments, song, or dance, music is a very scriptural means of expression towards God.

            A.   Hundreds of scripture verses describe or make reference to the purest form of music – the spiritual worship that will fill all eternity.
Psalms 150; etc.
Revelation 5:8-14; 7:15; etc.
B.   This liberty of expression is a delight to God (Psalms 149:3, 4). It is the very purpose for which man was created (Revelation 4:11). (Bible Study: Music)

Psalm 61

Psalm 61:1-4 (NKJV)
1 Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer.
2 From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. 3 For You have been a shelter for me, A strong tower from the enemy.
4 I will abide in Your tabernacle forever; I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.

More scripture songs:


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