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Rebozo, incorporating in pregnancy and birth 

Rebozo for babywearing is not new to me, I’ve been carrying my babies in a rebozo, ring sling, wraps, since they were born. Jasmin flower is almost 5! Now, Rebozo for pregnancy, birth and postpartum mama, this is still fairly new to me. So I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far on my one year journey of rebozo!


Before Jasmin flower was born my husband told me about wearing babies. he lived one year in Zimbabwe years before and had seen how easy it was for women to carry their babies  everywhere in their fabrics. We attended a babywearing class where we were introduced to many different wraps, and I had noooo clue what to use! You can read more about our babywearing journey here. 

When Jasmin flower turned a year old her uncle, my brother, gifted us a wonderful traditional wrap handmade in Colombia! I carried her and comforted her with it up til Noah was born, then she passed the torch to him!

Rebozo as a doula

Even though I had heard about its use for pregnancy and birth, I didn’t receive my official class until my DONA doula training with Rayna in Tampa, Fl. Here we got to practice after watching a rebozo video. Still, it wasn’t until I attended the Spinning Babies Workshop where I learned how to use the rebozo, when, and why! Read more about my spinning babies training here

I’d just like to quote some info for you from Spinning Babies website

Sifting, or jiggling, the entire abdomen can relax tight ligaments and may help a baby rotate in pregnancy or labor more easily, and help a birthing woman relax into her labor.

There are more ways than one to relax!

The hospital has muscle relaxants and narcotics to relax a woman who is either tense emotionally, or simply tense in her abdominal fascia, prolonging labor. But this simple and fun technique from the Yucatan Peninsula helps relax mothers with no drugs at all.

Try the Rebozo sifting daily or weekly in pregnancy, and between contractions during early and early active labor.

Mama Gatherings and prenatal mama meetings!

So here in our UAE home we have been gathering with pregnant mamas. Just offering a space where they can come together and chat about a specific topic, or anything that may come up. We have drinks and snacks and chit chat. Sometimes we will do exercises and activities for pregnancy, or practice labor positions..the favorite has become rebozo sifting!

Now that I’m offering private doula childbirth classes, I also introduce the rebozo. So far every mama I’ve done rebozo sifting with has enjoyed it. And they even try and get their husbands to do it for them at home!

my Hope is that every mama gets the opportunity to receive rebozo love!

John 16:21

A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

My brother purchased this rebozo Baby Bacano !

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