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Raymond Josiah’s Birth Story: miracle preemie baby

raymond Josiah's birth story

My dear friend and sister in Christ shares her first baby son’s birth story. Raymond Josiah’s birth story, miracle preemie baby, is Sarah’s proof of how great our Most High Father really is!

Raymond Josiah’s Birth Story

Laying flat on my back, bed ridden in the Hospital for 2 weeks straight after my placenta ruptured.

That’s where I found myself worshipping our Creator. Singing Praise to Him whether He sustained the life in my womb or not. It all began with marriage and commitment to follow Christ. I was barren in my rebellious lifestyle for 6 years with my boyfriend. We never used and contraceptives yet I was unable to conceive.

From marriage to conception

Until a couple months after our wedding day, I took a pregnancy test, probably for the hundredth time, to my surprise it was a miraculous positive result! I almost couldn’t believe it! The whole pregnancy from conception became a battle of faith for my husband and I.

We soon discovered I had less than 1/3 of the amount of amniotic fluid a pregnant woman would normally have. The specialist we seen made it very clear that there were many potential devastating outcomes to this type of issue. As he listed them off to me one by one my heart sunk to my stomach yet it was like the Most High plugged my ears and within my heart He caused me to focus on Him.

The Most High also gave me a scripture to meditate on, which was

1 Corinthians 2:5 KJV “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”

Throughout my pregnancy I was constantly leaking amniotic fluid, in and out of the hospital and getting ultra sounds 2 to 3 times a week. Until the day my placenta ruptured, as I mentioned earlier, at that point I spent two weeks flat on my back, I had to use a bed pan and wash up the best I could right there, until my turning day of 28 weeks where I went in for a C section. My birth experience on that C section table was frightening, such a vulnerable feeling!

From getting the spinal and being completely numb from my chest down, to not knowing if my son would be born alive or able to breathe because that was the greatest concern which came with having such low amniotic fluid! Since babies practice breathing with the fluid in the womb.

Yet even in the midst of being cut wide open we kept our faith in The Most High! My husband sang worship songs to me to soothe me during surgery. Once Raymond Josiah came out, the doctors bundled him up and rushed him off to the NICU. We must have laid my eyes on him for less than a minute.

He was alive!

Though he did need help breathing for a few weeks, he never stopped progressing. Praise The Most High Ahayah! He is our miracle baby and taught us so much about faith! We are so thankful for him in our lives. About a year after his birth you could hardly tell he was even born premature, that’s also around the time I researched his middle name Josiah to find its Hebrew meaning. By no coincidence at all it means “Ahayah Heals”.

I’m very honored to be able to share my birth story, thank you for the opportunity and thank you to all who find the time to read it. I pray it may be an encouragement and testimony of our Creator’s power to you as well as it has been to my family and I.
Thank you, Sarah.

Sara's birth story

raymond Josiah's birth story

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