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Priscilla’s Hospital Lotus Birth!

Rahel Yahshua Yahwah shares her incredible birth story. Priscilla and Rahel give an incredible testimony to the love and power of The Most High God. Rahel shares how she stayed firm to meet her needs and desires for her hospital lotus birth!

Hospital Lotus Birth Story

Priscilla Yahshua Yahwah was born at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis on 7/4/0000 YAH Calendar, 10/03/2016 G.C. I declined all vaccinations, I asked for them to delay the antibiotic eye ointment, but I wish that I had declined it altogether.  Opted for the vitamin k drops instead of the injection. I would have declined that as well if I had felt that I had eaten enough green leafy vegetables prior to delivery.

Also made it known that I did not want her cord to be cut or clamped, PERIOD. I wanted her to remain attached to her placenta until it naturally fell off. This practice is called a lotus birth and it is physically and emotionally beneficial to baby.

Lotus Birth made possible in hospital

After much opposition from the doctors and nurses I remained steadfast on my decision. Which resulted in them writing a new policy for this kind of birth at Mercy. It is allowed in their natural birthing center, which I found out about too late, because moms get to go home 4 to 12 hours after birth. They also have queen-sized beds, hot tubs and showers in their labor suites. The tub and shower can be used during labor and delivery if you like. They also allow you to walk around and or get down on all fours, whatever makes you comfortable.

Hopefully this will help someone else, especially if you are looking for a more home-like experience with a midwife. Except its inside a hospital just in case something goes wrong. They also accept Medicaid if you don’t have insurance or the money to pay out of pocket.

Okay back to the experience:

First they tried to tell me that it was not allowed and that they never heard of anyone doing it. That I would not be able to have my baby there, at this point my water had been broken for twelve hours. They tried to use the element of fear to get me to change my mind. Telling me that my baby was at increased risk for infection, jaundice and all sorts of life or death situations that could arise if they didn’t cut the cord right away. And they told me that the baby would have to stay with me at all times, like that would bother me.

They had a nurse from the NICU come in to try to scare me more, telling me that the baby would not be able to be seen by them with the placenta still intact. Still good news to me, I’ve heard horror stories of things that are done to babies in the NICU, I suggest further research. Basically they wanted to put my babies entrance into this world on their time, not her own. They kept telling me what was “standard procedure.”

Yet I Praise The Most High YAH that I studied and researched these kinds of births before arriving at my due date. I learned, through my research, that the things they were telling me could go wrong were actually the result of the cord being cut or clamped too soon. That alone gave me enough confidence to not listen to their lies. After a series of tactics I did not budge and they had no choice but to go with it.

Priscilla and her placenta are born!

Priscilla was born at 6:04 am and her placenta was born 30 minutes later, with permission from Priscilla. I remembered this blog I read where the mother said it was taking a long time for the placenta to birth so she asked the baby for help delivering it. A little minute later she said she felt it being released. I decided to give it a try and asked Priscilla for help and less than a minute later we had Priscilla and her Placenta.

After the placenta was birthed I looked down and noticed the doctor drawing my babies cord blood, yet I was too tired to contest but kept a mental note. She weighed in at 6lbs and 8oz and she was beautiful and calm and alert.

They didn’t want to handle her much and everything had to be done in my presence which assured me that Priscilla would be respected at all times. I heard some of the nurses laughing, joking and talking about how grossed out they were while they stood outside my door. I wouldn’t want those types of energies caring for her in my absence in the first place.

Caring for the baby, cord and placenta

After the cord was done transferring the remaining blood and stem cells, I washed it while my husband held her, then dried it and placed it on absorbent pads and put it in a bowl. Next, I sprinkled it with sea salt, for aid with drying. Also, Rosemary, for the pleasant smell and its antibiotic, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. I’ve read about people using essential oils and flowers, but the majority that I read about used sea salt and/or rosemary.

The pads were changed twice the first day and then once a day after that. Fresh sea salt and rosemary were applied each day. When it was time to go home the nurse tried to give me a plastic bag to put the placenta in. But I declined and put her placenta in a receiving blanket and satin scarf. It sat snugly next to her and kept her propped up straight in her car seat. It was kind of like a placenta pillow.

Things that I noticed in this whole experience:

…her soft spot is the size of my fingertip. Priscilla is my 6th child and the first to experience this. Secondly, she only lost 6 oz. by the time we left the hospital. Yet I feel that if the doctor had not drew blood from the placenta she would not have lost any weight. A baby is born with only 2/3 of their blood the other 1/3 is still in the placenta. So if they clamp and or cut it they are basically robbing the baby of 1/3 of their body volume, which they need at this time of vulnerability. Thirdly, she has complete control of her limbs, is very relaxed and did not require swaddling to calm her.

She also has good hand-eye coordination, while looking in her eyes she placed her hand on my cheek. She even tried to grab my granola bar off my lunch tray. Priscilla would’ve succeeded if her grasp was just as strong. During nursing she would not open her mouth wide enough. Yet if I ask her, she does, which is so YAHmazing that she understands and responds. Its like she has extra brain power and is more instinctive.

I recommend keeping movement to a minimum especially once the cord dries.

This also forces me to rest with baby, which is essential for recovery from childbirth. So make sure you have lots of help especially if you have other children. My wonderful husband and children have been beyond supportive and I have a whole bunch of sisters that love me.

Priscilla’s cord dried up and then fell off on her sixth day of life. It takes between 3 and 10 days for the cord to fall off naturally. If it is clamped and cut, it can take anywhere from two to three weeks for the stump to separate. This whole experience has been YAHsome, YAHsome And Beyond.

Placenta business is big business that’s the only reason they don’t want the baby to have its own precious blood, full of stem cells and nutrients. Placenta’s are sold for up to $14k and are used for research, the stem cells for cloning and are even the secret ingredient in beauty products such as anti-aging creams. Instead, don’t cut the cord! Even delay the clamping and cutting until full transfer if you are not ready for the whole experience.

Peace and blessings family! Stand strong!
hospital lotus birth
priscilla lotus birth

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