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Our first wedding Anniversary!

Today we praise the Lord for His guidance in our marriage thus far. One year and growing strong, PRAISE THE LORD! We have learned so much in this one year. I can’t believe we fell in love Autumn of 2011 and got married last year and had our wedding ceremony in June 2012, how time flies! It was such a special day. Just the two of us at the courthouse. We knew this was God’s hand working in our lives, we still feel Him guiding us and teaching us.

Of course we’ve had our ups and downs, but we always work through them. God has taught us what true love is, we hope to teach this to Jasmin. Wow we are so blessed to have this family. I want to say that if we didn’t seek God together as well as individually, we wouldn’t be getting along as well as we are. I’ve been in many relationships where we did not seek God and they were definitely not loving or kind, definitely not going anywhere. We study the Word together, we pray, we talk through our problems even if we don’t want to! We know where the enemy can lead us, and the “d” word is not an option, so we must push forward every time.

Jasmin has been the cherry on top of this love trio! She’s such a happy smiley baby! Her birth story will always be etched in our minds, will always be a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

Today we celebrate a year of successes! Today we celebrate true love!

We pray for all the relationships out there, we pray for true love, we pray for God in your lives!


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