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Our First Family Vacation to Costa Rica! part 4

Wow you’re still reading! Thanks for following me while I share about our trip πŸ˜€
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Leaving the farm was a bittersweet sensation. Our last night was spent in deep conversation with the founders of the farm, Zahrah and Aguila. We are so grateful for their hospitality and their wisdom. The main thing we received was perspective. Standing outside from our home, in a peaceful place where we can without a doubt hear Yehovah’s calling, we were able to understand our duties, our path, and definite motivation to serve Him. It was an incredible feeling that both Mr. P and I felt the exact same thing. In our conversations we feel that the Holy Spirit is telling us the same thing. This was such a relief. Even though it wasn’t the answer we expected, at least receiving a clear answer, even if it’s a plain NO, is better than hanging in a limbo. Thanks OUR FATHER and thanks Awakening Soul farm!

Awakening Soul Farm

Awakening Soul Farm

This was definitely a Β trip of deep thought, incredible ideas and just plain relaxation πŸ™‚

The bus that would take us back to the 3-hour bus back to San Jose passed at 5:30 am or 12pm. We chose to leave early as Jasmin would be either sleeping or quiet and the sun wouldn’t be beaming on us. We had to walk down towards the river to get to the bus stop, which was quite a trek with Mr. P again carrying backpacks and Jasmin in my wrap. Thankfully we made it to the stop in time, after first going the wrong way and guided back by locals :/ Poor Mr. P, he didn’t want to be late so he kept running ahead of us, and the locals would point the way, and he kept going, once in a while stopping again to check back with us. When we got to the stop he was so sweaty and tired and catching his breath.

Blurry picture of the little bridge crossing the river

Blurry picture of the little bridge crossing the river

It was about an hour bus ride when we finally arrived to catch the Musoc, which would take us to San Jose. There were so many people going back as well. It was about 7:30am when we bought our tickets, all the buses were full until 9:30, so we had some time to kill. We went to he same little spot where we ate the empanadas when we arrived. And yes, we had some more empanadas! They were good and not good for us :/ This is what happens when vacation mentality seeps into our eating. Definitely on cleansing mode at home now! We also found a place that let us use their wi-fi so we could make the hotel reservations and say hi to our family πŸ™‚

This time the bus ride wasn’t as bad, thanks God. Jasmin slept all the way to the half-way rest stop. Which gave me the chance to close my eyes too, avoiding the motion sickness completely. Mr. P had taken his MP3 player with worship songs that helped ease the ride as well. At the rest stop Jasmin and I used the restroom and Mr. P bought us some fruits and potato chip (uh-oh more junk food!) to snack on as we headed back to San Jose.

After our arrival, we checked in to the hotel and had a very uneventful day. We asked the front desk clerk to recommend a place to eat. It ended up being super expensive, at least for our taste, and not very good food, in a modern looking plaza that made some places here in Miami look shabby. We were too tired to head anywhere else, especially since they wanted to charge us SO much to go here or there. Traveling is very different with a baby! We want to do so much yet so little time and EnERGY, let alone the money!

diaper free Jasmin enjoying the huge bed!

diaper free Jasmin enjoying the huge bed!

More about our trip to Roblealto Hogar Biblico and our last days next time! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


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