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Oshiozemhe Obed’s Birth Story by mama Rose

Birth story rose

A beautifully written birth story by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Rose Obom! Rose retells her first experience, of her son Oshiozemhe Obed, the baby who made her a mama. Visit her blog at LoopinglyMade and read her other contributions to HeavenlyTreasure blog too!

Oshiozemhe Obed’s Birth Story by mama Rose

Our first child, Oshiozemhe was born on 18th October, 2014.

Long before my husband and I got married he knew what name our first child (son) would be; Oshiozemhe, meaning ‘God chose me’. Truly, God did choose him, he is a delight to our family.

First Pregnancy

Being newly married, I was hoping to spend some time bonding with my husband before having babies. However, two months in, I got pregnant. But I was super excited that I was going to become a mother. I was always in awe that a human being was growing inside me, constantly searching the internet about pregnancy and birth. Babycentre.com became my go to site for any and all info regarding birth, I watched a few live births, soaked up as much info as I could on each stage of development- week by week, month by month, trimester by trimester.

The day arrives

Except for the morning sickness early on, our pregnancy was uneventful and easy. I was in great health and strength most of the time. On the evening of 17th October, I began to feel ‘funny’. Just like I had read that I might feel when the baby was coming. So my husband took me to the hospital, I got checked and was told I was not dilated enough to be admitted (even though I had come across the word ‘dilation’ in my research, I still did not understand the jargon). We were asked to go back home and advised that I kept active by moving around.

Active Labor

By 9pm, I began to feel real discomfort. My husband took me back to the hospital, I was checked again and told I was in labour. Then the pain just kept coming and coming and coming as if it would not end. I had no idea of how to breathe through the pain, whenever I got hit by a wave, I would toss my head and say ‘help me, Jesus’.  I remember asking for water to drink over and over. I must have gulped up to 6 mini bottles of water (I counted later after I got my senses back. Haha).  


Then I was taken to the labour room, the midwife attending me started telling me to push. Whenever I pushed, she would say “you’re not pushing”. We went back and forth like this till my husband who’d been by my side all along holding my hand (God bless him) whispered in my ear “push as if you want to poop”. That was when the lightbulb went on in my head; I began to push as he told me and we started making progress. Then all of a sudden I felt a searing pain in my privates, I froze and grabbed the midwife’s hands to pull it away from me.

My husband whispered, “Don’t stop pushing, do you want to kill the baby?” Oh bother! Now that I think back to what he said, I just crack up. As if he had any idea the pain my body was dealing with at that moment. But I’m so thankful he was there to witness the birth.

Meeting baby!

After that , I don’t know exactly what happened, I just know I kept pushing like my life depended on it, then I felt a HUGE relief when the baby came out and my first thought when I saw him was:

“So, this is you?”

Birth story rose

Thank you for reading Rose’s amazing birth story! Make sure to read her second birth story and visit her Crochet blog as well.


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