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Oneness Too

What is oneness? Sounds simply abstract, all in all, beyond comprehension doesn’t it?  Yes it does and it is.

Oneness means that all things are one.  It means there is no separation between things.  Thoughts are separate things.  Thus they create separation!  That is why oneness is beyond thoughts, beyond separation, beyond comprehension.  Because only “western thoughts” can comprehend logically using limited reason.  But there is a wholeness that comprehends beyond that through our spirit, it is what unites us with all things.  If we think, or sense “in the spirit” we are tapping into the knowledge beyond comprehension.  Love.  To think or feel in spirit is to be in the know, to be in Love.


“Don’t think, feel” says Bruce.  Meditation allows for us to calm the mind waters of rushing thoughts that create barriers and separations.  “Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.” Know that song?

How to achieve oneness? It cannot be “achieved” so to speak.  Achievement is a western cerebral and logical thought pattern used to create striving, will and self determined brute mentality.  Self determination can only go so far.  At some point your self determination will reach an impassible object which is your “self”.


Its like trying to taste your tongue, or hear your ear, or smell your nose, or  think of nothing.

 To put it more complicatedly simply, only through calming the rivers of thought can the mind slow down enough to feel the river of Love that is being given to us every moment.  Love and devotion directed through purity and a seeking mind.  For He rewards those who diligently seek Him.  “Its not an easy thing to explain in an educated type of way” said Bob.  For there is a knowledge we have lost, a knowledge and a connection that has been broken.  We can do many things to restore, rebuild and seek correction,  but only on that day will we know what we do not know now.

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