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Noah’s birth story

birth story home birth

Since our first, Jasmin, made her entrance in such a special and unique birth, we weren’t sure what to expect with this baby. Well, I suppose you never know what to expect any way huh?

We prepared very much the same way as our first, check out our prenatal care post. Essential oils, readings, herbal supplements, chiropractor, etc. only this time we were a little more prepared as much as our experience allowed. Doula training and preparing for this baby really helped me to be excited about labor rather than in fear.

32 weeks

Ok I’ll get on with the story!

I just want to share that Our Father truly worked everything out for us throughout this pregnancy! In the next post I’ll tell you why I say so.

Noah’s Birth

October 4 was just a regular Sunday. Enjoying time with family, we went out for dinner, all was well. I was about to be 38 weeks pregnant and all that was on my mind was “when is this baby going to come out?!?” Jasmin was born at 37 weeks so this time we had everything ready beforehand. We had the birth pool, birth kit, essential oils ready, my family helped prepare our birth space…so I felt ready.

That day my tailbone was feeling really sore, something usual in the past. But that day it was way worse, something I didn’t think of as a sign of impending labor at the time. Going to bed was also troublesome! All I could do was pray and surrender to the will of Our Father. Distracting my mind with blogging, collaging, and chatting with friends kept me up till midnight.

I was in and out of sleep when I felt a strange sensation in my chest. Heartburn was my first thought and then I felt the baby move hard in my lower regions and..oh no…diarrhea?!? Ok TMI but sometimes birth stories are a bit gross!

So there I was on the toilet with what I at first thought was a tummy ache, I did eat a lot of garbage for dinner, but then realized CONTRACTIONS! First I reminded myself to stay excited, fear was not going to happen, next, after flashbacks of laboring with Jasmin over the toilet, I decided to count at least 3 contractions before waking up Rudy and definitely moving away from the toilet. (I must add here to mommas that being on the toilet really does help your body open! So don’t be closed to the idea of bowel movements and laboring over the toilet, just, for me at that moment, it’s not where I wanted to be.)

Get on with it!

Three contractions between 3am and 3:08am, yep that’s pretty active labor. Waking up Rudy is not one of my favorite things but once he realized I was serious he got into “doula” mode!

From the room where Jas and I had been sleeping to the room we prepared for birth I went, woke Rudy, and began counting contractions together, rolling on the birth ball and rubbing my essential oil blend on my belly, praying for the Most High’s strength.

In between I asked Rudy for music, for a snack, for a drink, reminded him not to ask me questions during contractions. We decided we would call our midwife, Sheila, after 20 minutes of timing. Rudy texted her and she called me back saying she never hears her texts at night, well then it was just meant to be for her to hear ours! She said she was on her way.

At this point we were ahead of the game compared to Jas birth, at least Sheila was on her way and Rudy got to working on the birthing pool. Except that as soon as he started getting it out and figuring out how to blow it up the contraction got stronger!
Three or four hard contractions less than a minute apart each, I interrupted Rudy filling the tub, I needed to feel him and hold him! Then all of a sudden I felt I had to stand up and had to make the mental effort to do so or else! Three or four contractions of just opening…telling myself to just open….I put my knee on the desk and Rudy help spread my legs as he kept his hands in my inner thighs ready to catch the baby. I managed to ask Rudy to dump some oil on me as I didn’t want to tear my perineum and he did so.

welcome baby Noah

Noah is born

Last couple of contractions I felt a POP and felt my water break all over Rudy! Next contraction and deep breath as my body was bearing down. Another burst of liquids and Rudy was telling me what he was seeing…the babies head, ok he’s coming, his body! And seconds later little baby Noah was face down in Papas hands holding him up to me!

There you have it my friends, another birth in an hour, or maybe a bit less this time it’s hard to say exactly. After my shock wore off I was able to receive Noah from Rudy’s hands. He cried a bit and then slept quietly in my arms. His grandparents came to check on us and then Jasmin woke up and joined us. Our new family of four!

Sheila came shortly after and the birth tub got pushed to the side. We got checked up, small tearing called splits which healed quickly. But let me tell you those 48hour afterpains are tough!

Noah and cord

John 16:21

 A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

We praise the Most High Father for giving us His Spirit to allow us to keep our cool, give us strength and faith to give birth unassisted, just daddy and I once again, safely and smoothly! It’s all about trust and surrender!


  1. Sho Sho
    November 24, 2015    

    Aww..congrats again Jenny! To God be the glory! You are truly blessed my friend

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      November 25, 2015    

      Thanks so ! Blessings to you 🙂

  2. Glenda Martin Glenda Martin
    November 25, 2015    

    This story is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I teared up, while reading it. Simply AMAZING….God’s AMAZING GRACE ALWAYS PREVAIL!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Where are you now, if I may ask?
    You are such a beautiful spirit being. Don’t ever change!

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      November 25, 2015    

      He is Amazing so true! Love you Glenda thank you!

  3. Jillian smith Jillian smith
    December 2, 2015    

    You are such a special woman Jenny. So strong yet so soft and compassionate. I love you my beautiful friend and can’t wait to read more stories of your blessed family.

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      December 2, 2015    

      Thanks for your lovely words Jill, truly appreciate you! Love your friendship!

      • Sandy Morris Sandy Morris
        December 2, 2015    

        What a wonderful account of Noah’s birth. You and Rudy should hire out as doula’s…. you’re so experienced now! I’ve never heard of 1 hour laboring and now you’ve had two. You are exceptional Jenny and God is so good. God bless you all and Praise His Holy Name for his provision and protection over you and Noah as he entered this world. You are a blessing to our Young Living family and we appreciate all your knowledge, wisdom and experience as you share your life message, life experiences so beautifully and with transparency…. with all of us who know and love you.

        • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
          December 2, 2015    

          Oh Sandy I love hearing from you! Thanks for your loving words I’m so grateful for you and your family in our lives. I’m so happy to be a part of Young Living especially to have such a wonderful leader as you! We are overjoyed by our experiences and find it a shame not to share our Fathers blessings! We love you Sandy xoxo

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