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Second Pregnancy Prenatal Care

A little about our prenatal care with our second baby, Noah.

Our Prenatal Care was very similar with both babies, but I would like to share what we did with Noah just for memories and to compare and mark the differences between each pregnancy.

The main thing I remember desiring was to make sure I did as much as I could exactly the same as with my pregnancy with Jasmin. Why? Cause and effect. Perhaps my prenatal care with Jasmin in my belly led to the incredible birth??? I can never be exactly sure but I do know that both births were very similar and both prenatal care choices were very similar.

Similar yet different

I will say that although we had very similar prenatal care and births, they also were very different, and they are definitely very different babies!


Scripture and Prayer:

John 16

Number one priority!

  • Reading scripture: its so great that I can use my own blog posts to help during the anxious and fearful moments, where I fall into worry. Just surfing through my posts on bible verses for pregnancy and going through those lists were so helpful once again!
  • Prayer and anointing: Thank You Father for all you do for us! Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping your promises for us Father!–We prayed for health, strength and a beautiful birth and He is faithful to answer our requests. We love to anoint with Frankincense and Myrrh upon the crown of our heads and the pregnant baby belly as well.
  • Scripture Songs: What a great way to memorize and chant scripture throughout the day. A wonderful manner in which to call upon the Word during daily trials.
  • Birth Art:  A common thing pregnant women enjoy doing in preparation for birth is to have posters with affirmations or scripture around the birthing room. Well I made it a point that my birth art (purposeful art created in a class led by a trained instructor, just beautiful!) would contain scripture and would place it in my birthing room! it reads “Fearfully and wonderfully made, to be fruitful and multiply!”

Traditional Midwifery:

I cannot say enough how much we love our midwife momma Sheila! This woman is just amazing. Ok, so even though we were in Panama most of my pregnancy we had video calls with Sheila about once or twice a month. As soon as we arrived in Miami, for the last trimester, we got caught up with all the tests we missed and exams. Praise the Lord all was well! Sheila gives me such calm during our meetings, she is like family to us. I really was hoping she would make it to our birth this time but alas, having her prenatal and postpartum is just wonderful! My children just come to quick for anyone to realize whats happening…even though this time at least we got to call her and get her to come over!

Essential Oils:

I have dedicated a whole post just for essential oils in our birth kit so please check it out. This is one thing I didn’t have for my first pregnancy that I’m so grateful we had with the second.Young Living Prenatal Care

Chiropractic :

With the first pregnancy we had Chiro care the whole pregnancy and 2 years after as well. With the second we were not near our Chiro and not one near us in Panama. Upon arrival in Miami for our last trimester we went 2-3 times a week. Once again he was essential in getting the baby to turn. Please read the blog post we dedicated just on our chiro experience. We love Fisher Chiropractic!

Supplements: Herbs, Teas

Dherbs prenatal formula
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Royal jelly
Vitamin K
Dr. Christopher’s Birth Prep: this one I highly recommend. These are for the last couple of weeks. We believe this one helped my body really open up for Jasmin.

Definitely talk to you care professional about supplements!


There was a big difference in my diet from first and second pregnancy. My first I was vegetarian the whole way through. With our second I wanted meat and potatoes! We stayed within the clean foods listed in the Bible, other than that I pretty much ate everything..no more vegetarian!


Swimming and walking this time around really helped keep me active. But not a strict workout schedule that I kept first pregnancy.

Resources: Classes, Books, Videos, Music

  • Bible and scripture of course!
  • Birthing from Within by Pam England, recommend the book and birthing class as well!
  • Ina May Gaskin books are great!
  • Scripture songs 

welcome baby Noah

Nursing a Toddler

I don’t have much to say on this topic other than Jasmin self-weaned during my first trimester.  Ido know women who have continued nursing through pregnancy and postpartum, it can be done.

Belly Cast:

This is not something essential just really fun! Thankful to the women in my doula training who decided this would be the best birthday present  for me! This is a fun way to keep memory of your pregnant belly. I have seen some lovely belly cast art, some people even us them for babes first photo shoots.

Breech Exercises

Just like with Jasmin, Noah stayed breech tip about 36 weeks. Chiropractic, essential oils and breech exercises helped us encourage him to flip. Check out our post on breech here.


Thanks for reading and hope this brings some new choices and insight for you on this incredible journey!

Leave a comment please!

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