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Noah is 6 months!

Noah collage

Noah, means rest or comfort in Hebrew.

As soon as Noah was born he let out a little cry, then went right to sleep. He definitely knows how to REST! I do get to rest with him too, as much as a mama of two can of course.

These past 6 months with Noah and Jasmin have been quite a learning season.

Learning how to trust and lean on The Most High above all. Learning to balance my time, sleep when I can sleep, cry when I need to cry! Hahaha! Really learning to ask for help and be real about my feelings and what is going on in me and around.
Learning how to be a momma of two, well it’s moment by moment really.
Mostly I want to be more patient and loving. Be slow to anger right?!?

Well it’s easier to do when I focus on scripture and the joys set before me. Heavenly Treasures indeed! But these earthly joys are quite satisfying too!

Seeing the children God has blessed me is a great joy

Noah is 6 months! Wow! He is plump, healthy, strong, joyful, talkative, drooly, loud, delightful. His big sister loves him and knows how to help me, she can make him laugh, sings to him and reaches his binky and toys to console him.
Anyone who sees Noah tells me he’s such a happy baby, and it’s true. He really smiles a ton it’s the cutest thing! This is what brings me sanity when my patience runs thin! These children’s smiles and laughter, the hilarious things Jas says and watching and Noah sleep, so delicious!
It’s not easy, but the rewards we parents reap are more than anything we can ask for!

Praying for peace, patience and love!

Noah rocking  

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