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Nikki’s birth story

On Monday, April 14, 2014 (4.14.14). I woke up late for work. As I am rushing to get ready I felt little drips of water falling down my leg. I began to think holy moly did my water just break? I call out to my husband Eddy, who also woke up late for work. “Babe, I think my water broke! ” without a second thought he jumped out of bed and we got dressed. He was a nervous wreck and I was surprisingly calm. I told Eddy that it could be a false alarm but he wanted to make sure since the day before I was in the pool and my water could’ve broken there.

So we take our hospital bag and head to Baptist Hospital, I call my supervisor teacher and tell her that I am on my way to the hospital and she responded that she had a dream that I emailed her telling her I was giving birth. I laughed and told her that I would be in later to teach. I was wearing my school t-shirt thinking this really was a false alarm because I wasn’t feeling any contractions. We get to the hospital and they checked me out, they said my water did not break but they wanted to monitor me for 20 minutes.

Unexpected complications

As we waited I kept asking Eddy where should we eat breakfast since it was 845am. I was starving!!!!! The nurse came back and asked me if I get headaches and see stars around lights. I told her yes to headaches and I see what looks like ants climbing up. She drew my blood and began telling me that I was showing signs of preeclampsia. My urine tested for too much protein and I had low platelets. The nurse said: we have to induce you…. Congratulations, you’re having this baby today! I freaked out and my face turned redder than a red traffic light. I looked at the nurse and asked her if we could prolong it just until the 17th. My last day of my internship was Thursday the 17th. She said no because I was already 38 weeks pregnant and my preeclampsia could get worse.20140714-234822-85702388.jpg

Being so nervous and hungry I told Eddy to let the family know but not to post it on any social media because I didn’t want a huge crowd at the hospital. Ha! Telling Hispanics not to say anything is like saying a honey bee doesn’t make honey. It’s going to happen. From triage to delivery room 4, my phone had over 37 text messages and 5 missed calls. My mommy posted on Facebook that I was going into labor and I’m 2 cm dilated. All I could eat was ice chips while Eddy and my brother in law went to Cheesecake Factory and had a steak. Not cool! At 4pm the doctor came in and broke my water. I was also 4 cm when she broke it. As soon as my water broke, the baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen and put me on an oxygen mask. I got an epidural, I was 5cm and family members began to arrive. I made them little shirts that they could wear while at the hospital or when they came to visit.

Still have laughs through it all

At 6:22 pm I had over six nurses in my room making me move from one side to other. The baby wasn’t breathing and he was laying on the cord. They had to put liquid back inside, at this point I am 8 cm and Eddy wasn’t in the room. I ask the nurse to please call my husband as she grabbed my phone she asked me what’s his name and she tells me “Really, my Eddy?!” Lmao it can’t be someone else’s Eddy. Lol that made me laugh. Eddy finally comes in and I told the nurses I felt like I needed to push. My doctor wasn’t in the room yet, at 6:45 the nurses where telling me to try to deliver by 7:14 since his birthday is 4.14.14 and I was in room 4. Lol it was just Eddy and I until my mom walked in. If it wasn’t for her feeding me ice chips I don’t think I would’ve been able to deliver him naturally.

Whoever said that getting an epidural takes away the pain is a liar! I felt EVERYTHING and kept telling them that I needed to push. The nurses and doctor were telling me to get mad so I could give them a good push and my mom in my ear is telling me:

Your breath is the baby’s breath… Your love is the baby’s love….. Bring this baby into a happy world.

At times I wanted nothing to be said to me but I’m forever grateful that she said those words to me. At 7:34 I missed the whole 14 mark. Before I knew it it was 7:41 and out came Joaquin Guillermo…. They placed him on my chest, Eddy was crying and I sang Happy birthday to Joaquin.

I have never known love the way I do now!!!



Written by Nikki Revilla


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  1. Caroline Caroline
    July 15, 2014    

    Awesome Nikki, what a miracle God gave you. He loves you unconditionally, which by this post, I’m sure you understand more every day! Forever on out hearts! Jeff & Caroline. Can’t wait for Joaquin and Emma to meet, who knows, maybe under the tree! Lol

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