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New Heavenly Treasure Blogger!

Welcome new blogger Dana to Heavenly Treasure!!!

My good friend and sister in Faith will be sharing her experiences and ideas! This is her intro with much more to come.


A doctor once told me that I was “just one of those cases where the cure is worse than the disease.” I often ponder those words and think on the many blessings of sickness I have experienced.

People are always encouraging me to write a book or blog on my experiences and, quite honestly, I’m not sure where to begin. There is not a clear beginning to what I would call my story (except the obvious, my conception) and there is not an end because the bible clearly states in Philippians,
6 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

What is the definition of cure? In this instance, the definition was medicine, although I can apply that statement to many aspects of life, now.

Cure…the chemical treatment of water, vaccines, medicine, genetic growth hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, toxic household cleaners, etc. …Man’s “cure”

When all you really need to know is this…God made a way and it is good. (Beginning with Genesis. I prefer ESV and KJV, but you should read whatever version of His book that speaks to you His truth.)

Until my story unfolds in a way that I can share it with the world, think on these verses and ask yourself how these verses live in your life. I wish you many blessings and have high hopes that you pray on these verses and ask God to reveal them to you in a personal way that can be applied in your life, just as He has taught me in a special way. The lesson is not always easy, but I am thankful for each hard knock life has battled me with and pray that God keep teaching me daily. These verses that have a deeper meaning in my life that I would like to share …that I will explain with time…are these:

James 5:14English Standard Version (ESV)14 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.

Romans 8:28English Standard Version (ESV)28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a] for those who are called according to his purpose.

Philippians 4:11English Standard Version (ESV) I have
learned [that] in whatever situation I am [in] to be content.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 …and the whole book really 😉

Are you His disciple?
Blessings, Dana Pulak

More from Dana to come: 
What happened to me with the water and the little signs that I realized were there all along [eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, on chemical treatment of water, vomiting, morning sickness, headaches, discomfort from smell, miscarriage, exfoliation, Biblical washing of feet]

Sickness is good [medicine mask, toxic buildup, helping the body, God-given ability to heal, nutrition, essential oils]

Ulcerative Colitis. The long line of doctors, the phrase that haunts me, and why I call myself a medical anomaly. [the butt, TMI, damage that is still healing, & when it comes back] THERE IS A CAUSE TO EVERY SICKNESS AND YOUR SICKNESS IS REAL EVEN IF DOCTORS DON’T BELIEVE YOU OR CAN’T EXPLAIN IT!!

The mysterious cough. [allergy testing, doctors can’t explain, anxiety, trusting your body]


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