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My Essential Oil Birth Kit! 

Young Living Prenatal Care

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE ESSENTIAL OILS!


So it is only natural that, whenever possible, I use the oils for any occasion, in this case pregnancy and labor!

One of our first purchases made upon touching American soil was the new Young Living Starter Kit. With all its wonderful everyday oils, added goodies and amazing diffuser, this kit was definitely on my MUST list.

I highly recommend getting some literature such as the book: Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern, listening to some webinars on the topic, and attending workshops. It is important to use the oils in an educated manner to enjoy them to their fullest, especially while pregnant.

Birth essential oils kit

Essential Oils I used from the Premium Starter Kit during pregnancy

Peppermint: felt so amazing! Especially for support of digestive functions. 

Lemon: I mostly used for cleaning and also to help clear my mind and thoughts

Lavender: for some reason I did not enjoy this scent during my first trimester! Afterwards I was able to enjoy lavender in my belly blend to promote healthy looking skin 

Stress Away: a great blend of oils which helped me get through my emotional roller coasters! I also used it as a perfume some days.

Frankincense: my favorite oil for prayer and anointing, to help me stay grounded and help with my fears of giving birth and becoming a mother of two!

other Essential Oils I used during pregnancy

Myrrh: Another oil which I added to my belly blend to promote healthy looking skin. Was also part of my perineum massage blend

Geranium: An addition to my belly blend and perinuem massage blend for same reasons as myrrh and lavender

Ylang Ylang: A beautiful scent I used to diffuser to help promote emotional well being

Orange: smells delicious and amazing to diffuse, aided me to focus and enjoy pregnancy

Cypress: diffused was a great way to enjoy Crypress, helped me to stay grounded as well as fresh in Spirit.


Perineum Massage: 3 weeks before delivery- 8 drops of Geranium, 5 Lavender in 1oz almond oil. One week before delivery add 5 drops of fennel.

Labor blend: helichrysum 4 drops, fennel 4 drops, peppermint 2 drops, ylang ylang 6 drops, clary sage 3 drops, 1/2oz of almond oil

(this is what worked for me, just do what works for you and please see disclaimer 😉)

Essential Oils I used during labor


These 3 oils were a part of my belly blend I diluted in almond oil. I had other blends ready for labor but we had a quick labor so I wasn’t able to even THINK to use everything we prepared. Thankfully my belly blend was at hand through every contraction and right before the baby was born I asked my husband to pour it all down there because I really wanted to stay intact!

Other YL products

Ningxia Red: Gifted to me by my wonderful friend and oily mentor, this drink was helped me sustain my energy and fortify and replenish key nutrients for long-lasting health and wellness.

Claraderm Spray: Another awesome gift from my mentor, this so thoughtfully-made spray! Bring relief to stressed skin with a blend of gentle skin-soothing ingredients. Spray directly onto the affected area and repeat every 10-15 minutes until desired relief is achieved.

We pray these oils will be heaven sent for you!

Everyday Oils Collection

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