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Mother’s memoirs: Second birth experience VBAC in 1987

Mom and Jas around 10mo

I have been wanting to write my moms stories for quite a while. My siblings and I always tell her she should write a book!

My birthday is coming up which has brought my mom to my mind so much. Ever since Jasmin was born I’m more mindful of the emphasis put so much on the birthday person, but the mother is left out in so many ways. Considering the efforts the momma makes to bring this person into the world, it just feels more appropriate to celebrate her LABOR rather than the person themself. Yes I do give thanks to Godd for bringing a life into the world, and for making that woman into a mother, so how about we celebrate both!

Since at the time of this posting my birthday is right around the corner we will go back in time to 1986 when my mom and dad first conceived me in their desires.

My mom was 27 when she birthed me and this year I turn 27

My mom, Consuelo, was 27 years old when she and my dad began desiring me, a second child. At that time my brother was only 4 months old! Consuelo says she went to the doctor because she was feeling sick and they informed her that it was because she was expecting!

The sad thing was that she was nursing my brother full time. But the doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to nurse him anymore for fear of leaving me malnutritioned. Well I know my momma didn’t know any better and my brother turned out just great! She knows now that she could’ve kept at it, but is very happy with the time she was able to nurse him. I have many momma friends pregnant or with child who are still nursing they’re firstborn and doing well!

My mom and dad moved to the States from Colombia a couple years before having us. First to Reno where my brother was born, then to Miami where I was conceived, then back to Reno where I was born! The reason for so much moving was because of the insurance and doctors practice in Miami versus Reno. At 5months pregnant the doctors informed her they did not want to perform a vaginal birth after cesarean(VBAC) and the insurance was charging her more than she could afford for her care. So my mom decided to go back to Reno with my brother and stay at my uncles! My dad wasn’t even able to go since he had to stay and work.

From Miami to Reno: a better birth plan!

Reno ended up offering her an incredible financial program that was much cheaper and her doctor was phenomenal! The new doctor said my mom can have a VBAC and even encouraged her to have a VBAC! Most doctors are quick to do a repeat cesarean birth nowadays and women who have a doctor like my mom did are very blessed indeed! He recommended she keep her weight normal, something he was very careful to monitor she tells me. He would tell her to always reaffirm that she can do it, to believe. He even made her sign a contract stating she would do all within her will to have a VBAC and only have a cesarean in an emergency situation!

The day before I was born my momma was feeling contractions so she went in. It was 2 weeks before her due date (babies don’t expire so I take due dates very lightly) and she was already dilating. But they sent her home to work through contractions until she was closer! This is another action that is unheard of! Usually they bring you in and do a whole bunch of tests, or induce you, or make you stay until you can’t take it anymore and opt for an unnecesarean!

So once she came back to the hospital after laboring at home as long as she could, they made her walk around the hospital. Usually they make you lie in bed chewing ice chips! No wonder women are shown screaming their eyes out! As the nurses prepared the room my mom says she was so happy thinking about her VBAC, so grateful to be given this opportunity! Her sister in law was there since my dad couldn’t be there. They only had her on a monitor strapped around her belly which they removed when she started pushing she says.

She started pushing but  had to stop because I had the cord wrapped around my neck!

My mom felt this strong urge to push and the nurses called for the doctor. Her sister in law told her not to push from her mouth or throat but to push like she was having a bowel movement (to say it nicely, I’m sure you can imagine how she would’ve said it in Spanish)! Once the doc got there he performed an episiotomy so my mom wouldn’t tear too bad, something I usually would be appalled at, but considering the little interventions she had thus far, this doesn’t seem too bad! My mom did not receive any drugs nor was she attached to an IV either!

My mom was pushing and my head was out! The doc told her to stop pushing, my mom says this command was against very urge she had but she managed to do it. He said my cord was wrapped around my neck! So he chopped it unravelled it quickly to allow her to keep pushing. She says she remembers it so vividly when I was handed to her all slimy! They immediately gave me to my mom where we snuggled for the first time. She got to nurse me right away and they only took me until I was done. They cleaned me as she held me and then they took me to do the rest.

Wonderful labor, birth and delivery!

I can’t say I wish I remembered all of that, because my mom remembers so clearly to tell me whenever I ask. And remember Jasmin’s birth I can just picture all my moms efforts I cannot be more grateful to God and to her and her birthing team for making such a beautiful memory!

Thanks for reading and I pray this story brings hope to women having their first child or VBAC. It is possible to have a natural birth in the hospital, you don’t have to do it my way and birth at home though it’s completely awesome too. Just find that doctor who will support you and encourage you all the way and is not practicing based on fears.

God bless!

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