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May Matters


May is full of momma love!!!!

Not only is it a Mother’s Day celebration but also my momma’s birthday!

Celebrating Mother’s help me reflect on all he changes that have taken place in me and around me since starting this motherhood journey.

I now see things much clearer in a mother sense, and also forget a lot of things…I call it momma brain!

Since embarking on this journey I’ve learned many things I never knew existed, and many words I never thought I would use! 

Words like: Doula, Midwife, home-birth, unassisted child birth, lotus birth, unvaccinated, home school, CRUNCHY, cloth diaper, elimination communication, I’m sorry mom for being such a pain, exclusively breast fed, Waldorf, essential oils, raw vegan, co-sleeping, baby wearing, play dates….!!!! and so much more my momma brain doesn’t let me remember! 

I’ve also felt the dirty side of parenting and choose to focus on the magical side of it all. It’s not easy, but with much prayer in Faith we’ve made it this far. Phew! 

All in all I want to say Happy Mother’s Day…Happy May…and Happy Birthday to my momma!!!!!

May the Lord Almighty be with us all!!!!




Jasmin's Birth Story: surprise unassisted one hour home-birth! Jasmin’s Birth Story: surprise unassisted one hour home-birth!

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