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May DIY Skincare Class: sugar scrubs, skin sprays, and facial cotton cleanse pads!

diy skincare Young Living

Our oil team is growing, so we have been on a roll with giving classes the past couple of months! We just had a super fun beauty class!

First we gave a little intro to who we are and how we got into oils. Of course I’ve written a bit about our previous Beauty classes and other DIY projects so go check those out!

May DIY Skincare Class

We had a great turnout for the class. Even though my kitchen was a bit cramped and ran out of jars (ahhhh!) I do believe everyone truly enjoyed themselves!

Enjoy these wonderful photos one of your lovely members made for us!
Gabriela we truly appreciate your talents, thank you!

diy skincare

We hope that even if you are not in our area, that you will connect with us to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and clean home with Young Living Essential Oils

We made three items:

More events!

We are having local classes in many areas so reach out to us and we’ll connect you!

Follow Heavenly Treasure Blog on facebook and get updates for ONLINE classes which you can enjoy in the comfort of your home! we love giving away prizes during these events so even tough you don’t get to experience the aromas during the online class, you have a great chance of winning prizes to get your foot in the door of the oil world!

Checkout More DIY here!


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