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July in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

july in abu dhabi and dubai

Last year we spent a whole month in Sri Lanka, maybe even more than a month!–Although we enjoyed our time and experience, we were so tired when we got back home, and our savings received a big hit! So we decided this summer on a staycation!!! Here we share with you our July in Abu Dhabi and Dubai!

July in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The perks of having a teacher for a husband include the great summers he has off! Our children and I are so happy to have him home for so long.

This summer we decided to stay for a couple different reasons:

  • We can just lay low and experience this new country
  • less spending on flights, hotels, etc
  • a friend offered us her home for the whole summer
  • there are more opportunities for my doula work
  • and more opportunities for essential oil meetings

It wasn’t an easy decision because the weather here gets soooooo hot! So much so that we basically have to go from indoor activity  to indoor activity. With two babes in tow, it’s just not that easy.

Summer in UAE for families

We decided to share with you a few of our favorite spots in the summer. The list is longer for Abu Dhabi since we got to spend more time there.

Abu Dhabi

Fun City (the 99aed for 100 days is worth it! Especially since you can visit ANY Fun City)

Yas Waterworld 


Emirates Zoo


Atlantis Aquarium

Fun City

Dubai Mall: Kid City, Aquarium, Fountains (fountains just to show them something different for a few minutes)



Family prices

  • I give you these two tips because yes you can save much my getting groupon deals and asking for family prices is a must anywhere you go.
  • Also check with your banks, company you work for, and event specials to get good prices


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july in abu dhabi and dubai


May The Most High Bless Your Summer and Travels!

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