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Travel and working: Joy Jobs Panama 

Panama – Joy Jobs

by Mr. Pena

Working as a teacher in the US for 15 years at the same job I started to get itchy pants.

But what to do. I had my apartment, my car, my friends, my family, and now a wife and a baby girl. Get stuck and die? I mean this in the most non figuratively of ways of course. All seriousness aside, sometimes we need a change, my time had come.

What to do? I started to look for international teaching positions, but so many jobs, so many places to go, so many things to go wrong, so many things to leave behind! Oh no what will I do?

Joy Jobs – boom – Panama – boom – beach side surf side boom!

Many things pointing forward many things pointing away from this decision. But the command went forward. All in all it was a great experience and I ended up teaching for a year and then moving on to a different blog post. More about that later.

Panama was a nice pause from the hectic life in the US. I got to stop and catch my breathe briefly. What did I leave behind? The past. What did I gain? Decision and destiny. My destiny? Not remotely.

What is life if its a rut. What’s a rut if its a glut.

This is literary prose blog talk supreme. Make the move, say your prayers and trust the parachute. Its all a slave game, be free in the law and gird up your loins!
Nothing lost nothing gained. Pros cons. Ups Downs. A rolling stone gathers no moss. The cow jumped over the moon.

Do you not enjoy 6 hour bus rides in the heat with no A/C? Where do I sign up? Or do you love the convenience and comfort of A/C and recliners and remote controls? Eventually luxury fades away and all there is is experience. Caused by faith through action. What is action but faith carried out.

What did I gain? Surf, relaxation, trust, knowledge, wisdom, experience, travel. But I did have to leave my recliner and remote control behind.

Joy Jobs Panama

Teaching Jobs Overseas / Joyjobs.com This the affiliate link to the website who got us this great opportunity that launched our journey into teaching abroad!

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