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Abu Dhabi

Joy Jobs Abu Dhabi

Oh man oh man – what are you doing? Where are you going? Are you crazy? Think of your family!

Blah blah like I’m not! Duhhh!
Well, some people like to stay put in the same city same place their whole existence. And they are indeed fooling themselves because there is always a time to stay and a time to leave. There is nothing constant. If you don’t go with it you go without it. Take it by the hand and take the next step.

Easier said than done? Talk is cheap “only real g’s make moves” something like that.
What’s it like here? How is the teaching? I could give you a long complicated thesis on the failure of institutional education and the price education pays in the long run but who wants to hear that?

All in all knowledge is power right? Only in the right perspective. But yes. Its great and its different and its everything in between. Do your research, talk to people, say your prayers, make the leap, hold His hand. All will be well.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are big cities like any other. It is an interesting meeting place of technologically advanced modern day life with old world culture and mentality. Interesting to those who are interested, frustrating for those who are frustrated.

Teaching is teaching, students are students. Salaries are good and benefits are too.

More so than everything else is the experience and knowledge of something new. Now you have seen and heard and lived this or that. Instead of drinking the media sludge you now have your experience and your truth.

I am glad I made the move and am now wading the waters of time and space. Waiting and wading for what is to come. Thy will be done.

Joy Jobs.comThis the affiliate link to the website who got us this great opportunity that launched our journey into teaching abroad!

Joys jobs

Abu Dhabi

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