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Jasmin’s 18 months!


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3

We made it to 18 months! Praise The Lord Almighty!

It has been a wonderful journey and continue to enjoy this family and growth day by day.

I’m thankful that God has shown us a precious way to care for His child. Our constant prayer for her is always answered in the most incredible ways!

We would have never thought of having Jasmin at home if God didn’t show us it was possible. Yet He had something greater in mind for us, a home birth, one hour labor, lotus birth and a wonderful midwife to help us with prenatal and postpartum care!

Yes we prayed for God to show us how to care for baby Jasmin. I never thought He would give me the strength to go raw vegan for 3 months and now eating a well rounded diet. Nursing at 18 months, sleeping together, using essential oils for medicine and baby wearing!

Jasmin has grown many teeth, lots more hair, and is wearing shoes!

She still loves walking around barefoot and diaperless though much enjoys being wrapped up and nursing.20140428-222547.jpg

Now she can ask for things with her signs and English Spanish baby gibberish! Signing ‘please’, saying ‘gracias’, and pointing and blabbering until I figure it out!

Counting on her fingers and pointing to letters, asking for stickers and giving high five are but a few of her favorite things! Eating and playing with her food makes her the happiest! As well as singing songs and getting tickled!

Her kisses, her laugh, watching her jump around or go down the slide all bring me to my knees praising and thanking God for this child!

Throwing tantrums, having pee pee accidents, teething, and lack of sleep help me to remember to call upon His strength and love!

Praise The Lord for Jasmin’s daddy, my husband and great love too. He is a most God loving father and partner we both love dearly!

This 18 months has been a blast, thankfully the tough times are a blur!

My prayer is that Jasmin will continue to blossom, that God will continue to show us His Way and Truth, and that we will be led on paths of righteousness indeed.

May our Father Almighty bless you greatly!


“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

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