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Happy 6 Months Jasmin: Diapering/ Diaper-Free/ Elimination Communication

Diapering/ Diaper-Free/ Elimination Communication:


Ok. Where do I begin. No, we don’t diaper Jasmin. kind of….

  • AT HOME: We have leak-proof pads which she sleeps on and plays on. And we carry her around diaper-less. As in her butt is hanging out in the air! Afer a while of your baby not being diapered you’re going to start noticing a pattern. Jasmin pees when she first wakes up from each nap. She also nurses as soon as she wakes up so, naturally, I nurse her over her potty. And if she still hasn’t gone when she’s dne nursing, and she hasn;t complained about the potty, I give her a cue sound, PSSSSSSSS, like a snake. And she’ll either pee or want to get off. Then maybe every 15-30 minutes I’ll put her again and make the sound, again she’ll go or complain. If I happen to miss, which happens about 40% of the time now, I still tell her the sound, I’ll say something like ” You pss pss mama, good peepee” and she laughs now when I do that, I think she knows! Indeed there’s a lot of laundry, but we’ve never spent money on diapers, nor rash creams or all the wonderful stuff that comes with modern diapering.

    Jasmin on the potty

    Jasmin on the potty

  • AT NIGHT: Jasmin sleeps in the middle of Mr. P and I on top of a blanket and a leak-proof pad. She used to pee on it all the time, now we can go a couple nights with the same pad. I keep extra pads and towels right next to the bed in case of an accident, I just switch it out, quite easily. Also right next to us is her potty. Jasmin wakes up to nurse at night every 2-3 hours sometimes longer. Each time she wakes up I nurse her while she sits on her potty and she either goes or not. At first, and we started this maybe when she was 2 months, she would pee every single time and sometimes poo too. Now she’s been holding her pee longer, which causes her to have accidents sometimes, unfortunately. So I do have to give her the cue sound sometimes, but usually I’ll just leave her alone and let her sleep. It’s working out pretty well now 🙂

    Weeks old Jasmin in cloth diaper

    Weeks old Jasmin in cloth diaper

  • GOING OUT: When we go out it’s a different story. She does wear a cloth diaper. Sometimes with an actual cover that prevents leaking, sometimes no cover, and sometimes under her bloomers/panties. So I’ll be checking her every so often, usually her nose turns red when she pees and she rarely poos in her cloth diaper. When I can I’ll take her to the bathroom with me and she’ll go in the toilet with the cue-sound. If I’m hanging out with her grandparents then we go normal on her potty.
  • NUMBER 2

    : Jasmin usually goes poo in the mornings and thats it. If she doesn’t go in the morning then I’m a bit more careful throughout the day to see if she’ll go. Usually this happens when I sit her to pee and she doesn’t ask to get off immediately after she’s done. Instead, she’ll just sit there waiting and holding on to the potty or playing with something around her when BOOM she’ll just let loose. And she’ll stay there until she’s done, which can be a couple of minutes!

  • Jasmin fell asleep playing

    Jasmin fell asleep playing

  • RASHES: Jasmin has only gotten slight reddening on her bum, and only if i’ve been out all day and have been diapering her the whole time. I’ve only ever used Coconut Oil for this and rarely used Almond Oil as well. Also rarely use baby wipes on her bum either. I just don’t like using things full of chemicals I can’t even pronounce on a delicate baby bum, I don’t even use such things myself! I recommend Dr. Bronner’s Mild Baby Castile Soap 🙂 And plain old water does the trick usually.


Being in tune with Jasmin and being able to communicate about potty is awesome. I learned about this in a book I read called Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer. I’m so grateful to have come across this diapering way and curious to see where it will lead. I’m sure being in tune with Jasmin will help us with many more things along the way, especially guiding her on God’s path. Let’s see when she will learn to go on her own and no more cloth diapers and pads and major laundry at all!

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