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Jasmin flower blooming, fourth birthday!

Fourth birthday !!!

This little flower of mine! I cannot believe this much time has passed since we found out we were going to be parents. And now it’s her fourth birthday!

She made her power known in her amazing birth story, I was going along for the ride! Jasmin was born fast, painful but uncomplicated. She didn’t want anyone but her mama and daddy there.

Jasmin flower indeed, so soft and gentle, what a little dame!

I remember how easy it felt to love this little being. Then the troubles started hahaha, I have to laugh so I don’t cry. This little creature cried in pain as I figured out how to deal with her colic as an infant, now she can belt out amazing tantrum cries and fantastic musicals! Oh my ears!

And once you get one thing figured out another obstacle isn’t too far behind! Nursing, Diapering, teething, fevers, baby food, mama’s emotional roller coaster!

It’s so true, we never imagine the things we are capable of for our babies. And I’m continuing to discover this journey, this path as she grows and learns more and more everyday. We have really rough days I wish I can erase, it always there is love, unconditional, overwhelming, beautiful love!

This year Jasmin turns four!

This year she has moved around so much!

From Panama to Miami to halfway across the globe in UAE! She’s lived in hotels, a new apartment, made new friends, visited Sri Lanka, got to pet elephants!

The biggest change was becoming a BIG SISTER! She loves it!

She loves dancing, especially to Michael Jackson! Playing with her friends is one of her favorite things. “School time” with mommy while baby naps never fails to get her mind going.

I can’t wait to see what more this little child will learn and love.

Thanks for sharing this special day with Our special flower!

Many more birthdays to you Jasmin!!!

read her BIRTH STORY!!!!!!

fourth birthday

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