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Home made Cream Deodorant

Home made deodorant

DIY Deodorant


Deodorant has been one of those tricky things to make. Finding a good recipe that works for our own unique bodies can be quite frustrating. There are many recipes and products out there so it is definitely worth it. Here’s our own home made cream deodorant!

My Husbands influence

Upon meeting my husband he began to teach me about healthy living. He was very patient with me as I slowly transitioned into non toxic products. Some things were easier to get rid of than others. I was surprised how good he always smelled despite not owning not one stick of deodorant!

He did have nice smelling oils like ylang ylang, and a rock used for deodorant, that he never used! So I began experimenting with those. But still these didn’t help! Another trick he told me to try was rubbing lemon or lime under my pits after my morning shower. By midday the lemon scent had worn off, uh-oh!

Finally what began to help was baking soda! Rubbing baking soda as a daily deodorant helped finally! And then we got into essential oils so I experimented mixing them with the baking soda. It helped but didn’t feel comfortable. Finally in conversation with my dear friend, she told me about a product that has been working effectively for her.

A home made cream deodorant that works!

My friend gifted me the product she has been using, and wow does it work! I quickly ran out but followed some of the ingredients on the bottle to create my own. Thanks to my husband for purchasing some of the ingredients, I was able to concoct a non toxic jar of cream deodorant using the following ingredients:

  • Shea butter
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils: lemon, pine (optional)

The addition of the Shea butter makes this concoction creamy and durable. The baking soda really helps keep the odor at bay as you go about your day, especially for us mamas, nursing, chasing children, hormone craziness, house cleaning, cooking, etc!

Essential oils in this deodorant cream are a wonderful addition. You are free to choose the oils with the fragrance that you enjoy best. I chose lemon and pine because they smell fresh and neutral since my husband and I are sharing this jar.

Just a little caution:  I don’t recommend citrus oils if you enjoy being in the sun with sleeveless clothing, as these are photosensitive oils.


The consistency should be creamy to the touch, not liquidy and not pasty or grainy. Play with the amounts to the container you are using until you find what’s right for you. More shea butter than baking soda usually is best. Remember a few drops of oils goes a long way, no need to use an entire bottle!

Enjoy experimenting with your own home made cream deodorant!

May your days be blessed!

Home made deodorant
Home made cream deodorant

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