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A Tooth for the Truth

healing tooth naturally

Healing Jasmin’s Tooth Naturally

Somehow we realized that Jasmin had a bad molar – Not really sure where it came from – maybe what they call bottle rot – or night time milk rotting back teeth while sleeping – who knows – but when we first noticed it – I really wasn’t sure what to do – I emailed an online dentist and did not really get any good advice. Of course we try the natural route first! Here’s to healing tooth naturally!

So first thing I thought was to make a homemade toothpaste that we had made a few times with some herbs and french clay to help remineralize the tooth. But I keep thinking I wanted some type of paste that would stick to her tooth for a while to increase the absorption and remineralization of the tooth.

Lo and Behold Matthew 6:8
“…..for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.”

All the while we had the perfect answer unknowingly.
Take a look here at this photo of her tooth. Does not look good at all.

In this picture the tooth looks even worse. It looks decayed or eaten away. Something was going on here but what? Rotting? We never give her sweets or candy. Once in a while she will eat a piece of chocolate, so I didn’t know what the cause was.

A few months ago I had purchased a bag of Chlorella/Spirulina Tablets for Jenny to supplement her calcium intake and trace minerals. Since she really enjoyed the taste of Spirulina. However she did not like these tablets. So I started eating them. They taste a bit nutty and I do enjoy the taste of it. However, it’s very sticky and hard to get off your teeth when you chew it. Jasmin would see me eating them and want to eat them too. Slowly she started asking for them more and more. “I want Chlowella.” Ok here you go. See how sticky it is? Its hard to remove. But unknowingly it was already working.
After some time Jenny looked at Jasmin’s tooth and was amazed how much better it had gotten. It still has a bit more to improve but it has only been a few months now and her tooth is improving quite dramatically. Praise the Lord.

At first I thought this was due to the toothpaste. But we came to realize that it must be the “Chlowella” that remains stuck on her tooth for an extended period of time allowing the teeth to absorb the minerals and nutrients contained in the “Chlowella.” Not to mention that Chlorella is alkalizing for the mouth and saliva. So it keeps the pH in the proper range to avoid the growth of disadvantageous oral bacteria. Praise the Most High!

Here is a more recent picture.

These pictures were taken between 4-6 months apart!

healing tooth naturally
Consequently I found some related information only upon a brief investigation.
“A six-year study conducted with Japanese children who took one capsule of “chlorella growth factor” daily showed that these children developed no tooth decay while developing near-perfect maxillary arches (no overbite, dental misalignment etc.).”



Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

—–written by Rudy


  1. chariti chariti
    August 18, 2016    

    Hi,what brand of chlorella did you use

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      August 19, 2016    

      Hi! I can’t tell what the brand is…check in again, I’ll post a picture 😉 blessings!

    September 16, 2016    

    I would like to buy the toothpaste.

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      September 17, 2016    

      I’m sorry we don’t sell the toothpaste, we will post soon our recipe though so you can try and make your own OR find something to purchase with similar ingredients. A tip is to find fluoride free and including bentonite Clay ! Blessings!

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