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Round 3 Natural Birth Center Birth Story

This is Ezra Yahawada’s Birth Story told by his amazing mama Hasharaah Dabar, he was born 2/8/16

Labor begins!

After hosting the super bowl at our crib I was experiencing minor contractions it wasn’t often though.

Around 11 pm contractions started coming every 20 mins, I called my midwives at 2am because they were 5mins apart and so painful.

Midwives, doulas and Birth Center

We got to the birth center close to 3am I got in the tub and labored for about 2hrs, by then I was 10cm ready to push…all I gotta say is pushing was not easy!

I eventually decided to give birth on the bed where my husband supported my back (sighhh love him so much) and he finally was born at 6:37am 💜💜💜💜

All in all I faced a very tough last 2hrs of labor but I had an amazing team and support system..

Thank you Ahayah for the strength you provided me, thank you to my dearest husband, best friend and father to my children IG and thank you Ahayah Birth works Doulas and Roots Birth Center midwives.

by Hasharaah Dabar

Hasharaah baby Ezra

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