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Fourth Trimester: back to realities of motherhood!

It’s not that I haven’t been living the realities of motherhood these past three months since Noah’s birth, it’s that, after our firstborn, I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as superwoman. I learned the hard way with Jasmin that, much like a child fights the truth about Santa not being real, superwoman truly is a fictional character. I have now learned to receive help gratefully, ask for help always and do the minimal.

Thus, the fourth trimester.noah Fourth trimester

A time period no mother should be allowed to miss out on. Fight her if you must but please do help her out whenever possible! I have many thanks to give and probably those people got tired of hearing thank you coming out of my mouth, but they deserve it! Our parents have been amazing with us, friends too, hotel staff and neighbors, all have contributed to this wonderful transition of being a mother of two.

From even before Noah was born, my last trimester til now I’ve been really letting go of the idea that I can and will accomplish everything on my own (superwoman complex.) Instead, I’ve been really testing the whole “village” concept. Wow does it work! It really does take a village!

So thankful for my village!

Cleaning, cooking, laundry, doing groceries, feeding and bathing children, entertaining, etc., are all the duties taken on by my village which are falling back onto me. I really wish I was superwoman… children are clean, diapers changed, toddler kept out of trouble, bellies fed, house clean, clothes washed, everyone in peace and happy all done by me alone…well that’s pretty fictional! just as superwoman…BUT there is such a thing as superMOM! And SuperMOM knows how to ask superDad for help, and graciously receives assistance from all willing to help too.

Things won’t be as easy as living for free in a hotel, housekeeping, laundry and buffet all included…but I’m ever grateful to our Heavenly Father for this fourth trimester gift and wish this for every momma indeed! We move on in hope, and patience, and especially love!

Enjoy the captured memories of our Fourth Trimester and Most High bless !

Baby’s First Day, beginning of Fourth trimester 🙂 such love!  

Thank you to my sweet husband for this moment he captured

Tia Nicole, such a good aunty! What a great doula she will be!  

Big sis can’t get enough!

Yes! We made it one month all in one piece!

Hotel and desert Living!!!

Happy Family in our new home!

Big Girl sleeping in her own bed!

Noah is 3 months!

Home Making it its best! end of Fourth Trimester and beginning our new home journey!

cosleeping=two foam mattress on the floor!


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