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Thoughts on Forgiveness

“Hatred makes us sick but love is the remedy”  How hard is it to know that love can heal us in every way?  How easy is it to know that hatred, anger, and any of the negative dark energies will make us sick?  Even though we know and understand this we struggle with it everyday.  Even and especially with those we love.  Many times we are more patient with strangers than with loved ones! Why is this?  Maybe because we spend so much time together and maybe because we need some time to ourselves to process and reconnect with the Almighty!!
Where does anger and impatience come from?  How and why does it manifest?  What can we do about it?  Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  Knowledge and understanding of how our minds incorrectly process things sometimes will greatly help this endeavor.  I personally like to understand things so that I can better approach them.  We as humans always want to understand first and then trust later.  But God asks us to trust Him first and then later we can understand.  But this goes against what we have learned from the world.  But at some point we have to trust. At some point we have to make that leap.  We can seek and try to understand until we are overwhelmed with so much information that we sometimes cannot even make a decision.

So to answer the question where does anger and impatience come from, we know that it is from the flooding of the mind with too many thoughts.  The lack of time and space in our minds, in our lives.  How do we approach this?  What are some things we can do?  We can philosophize about this, we can research, we can do so many things to figure it all out.  But when we are confronted with a stressful situation we might quickly overreact and become impatient.  The trick is to develop peace and patience while we can, while we are at peace.  So that when the situation arises all the time we have spent nurturing these devices, it will allow us to use these methods, and hopefully make a new choice in the moments of impatience or anger.  Doesn’t anger and impatience affect us all?
We can pray we can learn to breathe, meditate, relax, go for a walk, read the bible, sing, exercise,  sleep,  be with nature, go to the beach.  Many times we have forgotten how to connect with nature and find peace.  It is a life long process and it is not always easy.
How does forgiveness come into play here?  Well we know that God always forgives us.  But sometimes we do not always forgive ourselves for our behavior.  If we don’t, how can we accept God’s forgiveness?  How can we accept others forgiveness truly.  How do we forgive ourselves?  First we must accept our sin.  We must accept and acknowledge what we have done that needs forgiveness.  What have we done wrong?  What did we do that needs correction? What did we do to hurt ourselves or another?  Only when we truly accept this can we even think to ask forgiveness and then accept forgiveness.
Forgiveness is the gift of God.  But we must be open to accept it.  How can we accept it if we do not acknowledge that we have committed an error or sin?  We cannot.  Once we acknowledge and accept our pride we can move forward and receive His forgiveness and free ourselves of negative emotions.  Over time, if these things are not dealt with, they will build on top of itself bigger and bigger.  Some refer to this as emotional baggage.  This is the hurt and anger we carry around with our illusory ego.  Buddhism has a lot to teach here on this issue, though they lack the teaching of salvation.  But a wise christian woman once said
“With God there is no self.”

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