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Feast of Trumpets 2017, 7th month Feasts kickoff

Leviticus 23


Feast of Trumpets


Feast of trumpets florida gathering

How has the Feast of Trumpets made a difference in our lives?

Being aware and able to partake in the feasts the Most High ordained gives us a deeper awareness and oneness with Our Father. These feasts represent something done in Heaven which we can partake in this earthly realm.

Not only this, but also they have been given as a shadow picture of what is to come. Therefore, when we hear the true blowing of the trumpets will be at Christ’s coming! Beginning the tradition now, the learning and understanding now, means that when we hear the Trumpets we will know what to do!

Another importance is our duty in “blowing the trumpets”. This means sounding the alarm and letting others in on this Truth the father is sharing with us. We have a duty to our people as well. Not only must we show ourselves learned, knowing and doing, we must help  others who are on this walk to. We pray this blog and what we share is helping spread the Word.

So What do we do?

Gather, learn, and feast! We gather with our fellow believers, we learn from our elders together, and then we feast! For a time we had been without a gathering, so we listen in online, as a family we study and have a small feast together.

We wish you all a blessed feast!

What better is there than to partake in biblical Holy Days? So many trivial days are celebrated, so much money spent on days not even given importance by Christ Himself when he walked this earth! Read brethren, follow these days…their importance, significance, representation, will all make sense in the end.

Video: Memorial Blowing of Trumpets Teaching


Find out more about the Feast of Trumpets and other Biblical Feasts and Holy Days at GatheringofChrist.Org

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