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All natural face cleansing pads, using Young Living Essential Oils DIY

Essential oils DIY

To be completely honest, beauty recipes have not been my priority since getting into home-made recipes. Since it all started around the same time I became a mama, most of my essential oils DIY have been for my babies!

My mom has always been into beauty so of course she is my go-to! Check out our post about her Beauty event in Miami! With her encouragement and my inevitable aging (I’m almost 30!), here I am being led to take action for my skin health!

Face cleansing pads, essential oils DIY

As fabulous as you all may think I am, no I did not come up with this recipe on my own!!! Why would I do that when there are essential oil experts freely teaching us? So I leave it to the professionals and give credit where it’s due. Here is the Young Living Blog post which inspired me!

Get up and do it, don’t hesitate. once you see how simple, quick and amazing these are you’ll keep making more and more. They’re so perfect for gifts!


What you need:

round cotton pads

glass jar

purified water 2TBS

witch hazel 1 TBS

coconut oil 2 TBS

essential oils (I used 3drops lavender and 2 frankincense)

Easy DIY

  • Just mix all ingredients together into jar
  • insert cotton pads into jar


Need a visual???

And of course here is a video of me making my own pads! Hope you’re inspired to make your own!


A mom of two needs a DIY project as easy as this one! I found the cotton pads to absorb all the way through after a couple hours.

This even a great make-and-take for those of you hosting essential oil meetings!

A bit about witch hazel

Honestly the name makes it sound like some weird spell potion! Check out what it really is: draxe.com



Essential oils DIY


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