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Essential Oils Beauty Workshop

Young living essential oils

Monday Sept. 21st was our first Beauty Workshop featuring Young Living ART facial products!

image Our host was the beautiful Consuelo Leano. She specializes in facials and cosmetology at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne, Florida. Consuelo shared tips, recipes, and her expertise with us during this workshop, we all left refreshed and ready to add new techniques to our beauty routine.
We began with Consuelos’s home-made facial cleanser. YL has a facial cleanser but Consuelo felt led to show us how it’s also possible to use YL essential oils and coconut oil to make your own! She showed us how important it is to be gentle with your skin, rubbing gently in upwards motions, massaging the areas out where wrinkles are starting to deepen, making sure to erase the memory chip they have.
Then she gave us cool washcloths which had been sitting in ice. With these we cleaned off the cleanser, again remembering to be gentle with our skin!

This prepared our face for the YL mint facial scrub to exfoliate. Again she showed us the importance of being gentle as to not irritate our skin, a facial regimen only to be done twice a week. We spoke about the ingredients of YL’s scrub and how it not only has great essential oils but also MSM, which is important in the production of collagen!
After cleansing again with the washcloth, Consuelo gave us each a cotton with YL’s ART refreshing toner to apply to our skin. YL once again has shown their expertise in creating a product with amazing essential oils to relax and tone!
Then we got a real treat from Consuelo, a secret recipe she uses in her personal beauty regimen! Ice cubes! Not just any ice cube, thyme herbal tea frozen in ice trays which she then took out and wrapped in individual towels for each one of us to massage our skin! This was so refreshing as well as helpful in closing our pores! Thyme has great benefits for skin as well, it’s toning as well as antibacterial.
Our skin felt so great at this point we were even more surprised at how the renewal serum added to an already wonderful experience. YL’s renewal serum is such a special product, not only does it smell wonderful, it feels so great on those target areas where your skin really needs some extra love. I mean, who doesn’t want orchid petals and essential oils on you skin!image
Lastly, we got to enjoy moisturizing! We all tried YL’s boswellia wrinkle cream. another great product that includes MSM! Consuelo shared her personal experience with this cream, telling us that it is the one she loves the most!

After learning so much we all got to experiment in making our own sugar scrub.

image First step was to fill our jar halfway with brown sugar. Then we added a little bit of coconut oil. After that we got to pick which essential oils we wanted to add. Consuelo gave us a list of essential oils that would be helpful for our particular skin types so we could choose wisely. We all went home refreshed and with goodiesimage

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