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Amazing Birth 10lb Baby Successful Gaskin Method!

Dodis Birth Story

Amazing Home Birth 10lb Baby Successful Gaskin Method! written by strong mama Dodi-Alexander Maestro-Pejovic

My birth story with our third baby, it’s a little long:)

Around 8 am on Friday I started losing my mucous plug, irregular contractions started about half an hour later. I kept losing more mucous plug and having contractions, strong, but still not timetable.

Talked to my midwife, and she said to let her know if I wanted to come to the birth center because another mother would be coming as well. Alex and the kids left for Disney and I made some chili and tried to relax on the one day that I would have all by myself 🙂

About 4pm, I was getting uncomfortable and it was starting to rain and I didn’t want to get stuck in Friday night traffic. Well, that didn’t work out and we were stuck in a storm for an hour and a half on the way to Hallandale from Boca, thank goodness my mother was driving 🙂

Made it through the storm!

We finally made it in through the pouring rain and by the time that we got into the room, I was dilated to 4 and contractions had strengthened. I started listening to music and dancing around to try to help things along and in about 10 minutes I was ready to get into the bath to labor. It had jets which felt awesome!

The contractions were strong, but concentrated in the tops of my legs and I was able to relieve the pressure by applying counter pressure to the areas. I progressed to 9cm within the hour, but wasn’t feeling the baby descend and so Mary had me try different positions which the baby didn’t like.

Trying different positions and angles, but getting scary!

My friend Larissa came then and helped to hold me up so that I could push at different angles. I tried squatting in the tub, and the birthing stool, on my side, and then all fours on the bed. Finally I was able to push his head out, but his left shoulder was stuck and it got a little scary at that point. That’s why he wasn’t descending earlier.

Mary started having me flip, literally, from my hands and knees to my side, to back and then repeat I don’t even know how many times. She was doing the Gaskin method, as she and her assistant were trying to pull him out when I pushed and everyone was trying to help me flip over.

Mary told her assistant to call 911 because he wasn’t budging and was turning blue. My body and his must have gotten that msg because before they could even answer, I was suddenly able to give a huge push and she got a hold on his shoulder and out he came.

He wasn’t breathing yet, and needed stimulation and oxygen. He was 10lbs even and 21 3/4 inches long, and perfectly chunky! His shoulder was a little bruised, and I had a very small tear that didn’t even need stitches. Here are a few pictures of the labor, my mother took a video of the last part, but I haven’t been able make myself watch it yet.

I’m so grateful that I had such a strong team with my midwife Mary Harris at the head for this birth!

Dodis Birth Story

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