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Days 3 & 4 of Bye Bye Belly!


Rudy is doing a very good job at choosing healthy foods during this health and wellness track he is on.

Because it is easier and cravings we tended to eat out a lot! Not only were we spending unnecessary money but also choosing not-so healthy foods. Lately Rudy has been cooking lots of yummmy food. He is definitely the cook of the family…not me! So all the foods you see me listing are made by him 🙂 His smoothies are so delicious!

I’m going to post 2 days this time just to catch up and also because tomorrow is the Sabbath so I won’t be posting tomorrow. Sabbath is a feast to the Lord, a wonderful day of rest. So yes we will be eating tomorrow! What we have been doing is using Friday to prepare. I make sure to do all the cleaning I can and we buy a bunch of food to feast on for Shabbat 🙂 Lots of fruits and snacks for Jasmin. Sometimes he will make a soup or something special. I prepare our hemp milk and leave it in the fridge for Shabbat as well. So we rest and eat the bread of Life, the Word of the Lord, as well as our yummy foods.

Also you will see these days Rudy hasn’t done any exercise. He says his back is a bit sore and he doesn’t want to make it worse. He is doing some stretches at least.

Day 3 Of Rudy’s wellness plan

Weight: 174lbs
exercise: NA

Breakfast: hemp chia milk drink

Lunch: Salad-ginger dressing (this we bought at our favorite sushi place because we tried replicating it but theres taste much better! )
The salad had cucumber, tomato, lettuce and bean sprouts

Dinner: Broccoli stir fry, rice, tomato and onion greens.

Snacks: watermelon, animal crackers and guarapo (sugar cane juice)


Day 4

Weight: NA
exercise: NA

Breakfast: hemp chia milk drink

Lunch: Rice and lentils (he bought a Dal from an indian store near our place) and green smoothie

Dinner: 3 apples, figs and peanut butter


Thanks for following Rudy’s bye bye belly days 🙂 there is more to come!

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